OneCommand Releases New Customer Survey Tool


A new product hit the market Tuesday that has the potential to help dealers learn more about their customers and what these buyers want from a dealership.

Customer relationship management platform OneCommand revealed a new survey tool this week.

Dealer Review is a mobile responsive email survey tool, which helps dealers capture customer feedback about their recent sales or service experience.

“Over the years, we’ve had more and more dealers ask us for a tool that helps them gather feedback from their customers in real-time. With our Customer Marketing and Loyalty Automation Platform, it just makes sense to include the Dealer Review service in our product offering since we are already providing follow-up to these customers after each purchase or service transaction,” said Jeff Hart, president and chief executive officer at OneCommand. “OneCommand’s new Dealer Review solution will capture consumer feedback and provide alerts to the dealership before the situation escalates.”

Dealer Review sends out surveys to dealership’s customers that aim to gain responses regarding their visit “to address any issues, work to maintain excellent customer satisfaction, and ensure exceptional scores are obtained on the manufacturer’s survey,” the company explained.

The tool was designed in an effort to help dealers show they are committed to customer satisfaction, which in turn, can increase customer loyalty and retention.

The tool will also serve as a way for dealers to pinpoint trouble areas within the store.


How Incentive Spending Tracked in March

CARY, N.C.  - 

Incentive spending went up in March and will likely rise again as the spring moves forward; that much, at least, appears to be one consensus among some of the monthly forecasts making the rounds.

The implication and degree of that increase is where there are moderately differing viewpoints.

Starting with, the company released an analysis released Monday where it pegged average incentive spending for March at $2,714. This  would be an 8.1-percent year-year-over lift and a 4.5-percent month-over-month hike.

“Weak first-quarter sales caused inventory levels to swell, and manufacturers have had to be more generous with their incentive spending in order to accelerate sales, as evident by the 8-percent year-over-year increase,” said Jesse Toprak, chief analyst for

“The good news is that consumers continue to prefer well-equipped models, which has helped keep transaction prices up despite the larger incentives,” he continued. “We expect incentive spending to continue to increase into the summer in a controlled manner — not with an all-out incentives war — and ATPs to stay mostly flat.”

Over at Kelley Blue Book, senior analyst Alec Gutierrez was predicting last week that March new-vehicle sales would begin to “bounce back” from two tough months to begin 2014, setting the stage for a stronger spring, both in terms of sales and available incentives.

 “Although we aren’t expected to hit 16 million SAAR, indications show that consumers are returning to showrooms in spring,” Gutierrez said.

“The momentum built in March should set the market up for a big month in April.  Those consumers that delayed a purchase in January and February will find a modest increase in available incentives, which should help to offset gains in average transaction prices,” he added.

Meanwhile, TrueCar’s analysis released last week called for a 7.9-percent year-over-year increase in incentive spending for March, putting the average spending per unit at about $2,773. This would be a 2.6-percent month-over-month increase.

“The spring thaw has resulted in a slight improvement in vehicle sales, but not nearly the improvement analysts hoped they would see,” said Larry Dominique, president of ALG and executive vice president of TrueCar. “With incentives rising at a rate four-times greater than sales, expect an aggressive final week of selling in March and an equally aggressive April. An incentive-fueled battle is on the horizon.”

Growth Prompts New HQ for Haystak

FORT MYERS, Fla.  - 

Company growth and a quest for an amenity-filled workspace for employees have resulted in the opening of a new headquarters for Haystak Digital Marketing, which offers products and services for the automotive industry.

The company announced completion of the refurbishment of a 15,000-square-foot site in downtown Fort Myers, Fla., in the landmark McCrory Building near the town’s waterfront. The work began in October 2013.  

"With the growth that Haystak has experienced, we wanted to provide our team members an outstanding workspace in a vibrant part of town, and make room for our expanding business,” said Julio Gonzalez, Haystak Digital Marketing director of operations. “This historic area is quickly becoming a vital place of business, living and fun for our community, and we're looking forward to being a part of the revitalization of our beautiful downtown and the continued growth of the Fort Myers area."

The refurbishment of the historic building, which was originally constructed in 1936, incorporates the latest technology while retaining the site’s architectural character, such as brick walls, tin ceiling and original heart pine beams.

The new Haystak headquarters also includes more than 10 miles of data cable and employee amenities such as ADA compliant showers, a changing room for infants, golf putting space, video gaming area and two employee lounges.

A grand opening party with refreshments and entertainment is planned for later this spring.

Haystak is part of VinSolutions, which is wholly owned by AutoTrader Group, a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises.

Dominion Adds VIN-Specific Insights to Inventory Tool

NORFOLK, Va.  - 

Marketing the right vehicle to the right buyer — minus large ad spends for across-the-board targeting — is the aim of a new offering by Dominion Dealer Solutions.

On Tuesday, the company announced the first of what it calls a “series of progressive and integrated product improvements” meant to assist dealers with their merchandising and pricing actions, by adding real-time unique vehicle differentiators and likely buyer persona data to the Dominion Inventory suite of products.

“Historically, dealers have lacked an effective tool to understand the real-time, value-driven differences that set vehicles apart,” said Jennifer Ryan, director of inventory solutions for Dominion Dealer Solutions.

“Translating these differentiators into actionable pricing, stocking and merchandising arms the dealer with better vehicle-specific information, superior targeted analysis, and improved inventory results.

“The addition of UVDs to Dominion’s Inventory suite helps dealers start with key selling features of their used vehicles immediately and price and merchandise them appropriately,” Ryan said.  

These VIN-specific features address two key questions in dealer marketing:

What story should I be telling about this specific vehicle to attract online shoppers?
Who are the likely buyers of this specific vehicle in my local market?

Unique vehicle differentiators including inventory manager, Storybuilder and marketing pricing tools, analyze the key selling features of each vehicle.

Also, the addition of likely buyer persona data within the Dominion Inventory suite creates a tool to help dealers identify the right buyer personas for their used vehicles, by combining demographic data such as estimated household income, age, gender and occupation.

These results are then compared to automotive industry purchase behaviors, yielding insight into segments for VIN-specific messaging from dealers. This information can be integrated with CRM, website and other marketing systems to create a custom consumer experience for each online shopper.

“By matching individual demographics against automotive purchase behavior, dealers no longer have to engage in large advertising spends in order to effectively target every type of buyer for every type of vehicle,” said Greg Polen, senior product manager for Dominion Inventory Solutions.

“Dominion Inventory provides a better way to look at inventory and identify likely prospects so that dealers can segment and target buyers with the right messaging.”

Haystak Highlights Website Platform Capabilities


Haystak Digital Marketing shared more details about its all-new website platform — HAYSTAK KORE360 — a platform the company created in-house using leading-edge technology and data from thousands of top performing dealer websites. 

The company highlighted on Monday that HAYSTAK KORE360 is built for the ever-changing needs of shoppers who demand instant access to information on a variety of devices.  Haystak’s “responsive” technology is geared to adjust the dealership’s website format automatically according to the type of device shoppers use to access the dealership online, making navigation fast and easy whether shoppers use a phone, tablet or desktop computer.    

“We had a great initial launch of HAYSTAK KORE360 at the NADA convention in January. It drew a lot of attention and dealers were excited to see a new website platform built from the ground up with the latest technology and features,” Haystak Digital Marketing founder and general manager Duncan Scarry said.

“In addition to the responsive technology, most dealers particularly liked HAYSTAK KORE360's advanced SEO capabilities, behavioral targeting and timed content features, all of which can help lead to significant increases in traffic, leads and sales,” Scarry continued. “In addition to our focus on providing the latest, most powerful technology, we also continue our commitment to offering the best customer service.”

Scarry went on to mention Haystak’s unique, proprietary search engine optimization reporting can combine organic with paid search results to show the “true dollar” value of organic initiatives.

“SEO content is created dynamically, based on prior keyword performance, thus continuously increasing effectiveness,” Scarry said. “Further, Haystak’s SEO reporting tracks competitive data for comparison and insight.”      

Furthermore, Haystak’s intelligent behavioral targeting can automatically customize the display on the dealership’s website with the most relevant information for shoppers, based on the content they viewed on other popular automotive websites. 

The company said the behavioral display and retargeting tools can help dealers understand what website visitors are looking for from the moment they enter the dealership website, “delivering a truly personalized experience.”    

Finally, officials pointed out HAYSTAK KORE360 also can let dealers control the timing of certain content. Content changes can be scheduled to appear and disappear on specific dates.

For example, dealers can schedule limited time offers and other specials, rebates and incentives to be available on the website for specified periods of time, and then automatically removed from the website when they expire. Also, dealers can quickly and easily create and schedule timed landing pages.

HAYSTAK KORE360 also offers award winning account management. All Haystak search team members are Google and Bing certified and available to consult with customers. In addition, Haystak received the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Award for Customer Satisfaction in 2012 and 2013.     

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