Otolane partners with Autonum Capital and KM Plus


Along with a relationship with Autonum Capital, Otolane announced that it has partnered with KM Plus to provide additional protection for buyers and sellers online with the release of TotalCare, a new 30-day wholesale protection plan that will cover up to $1,000 in repairs for undisclosed issues.

At a cost of $29, any vehicle purchased through Otolane can be backed by the 30-day mechanical warranty that covers a vehicle’s engine, transmission, driveline, steering, cooling and electronic components.

“Sellers can’t be made to inspect vehicles to the point of putting them on a lift, it just doesn’t make sense in wholesale,” Otolane vice-president of operations David Abitbol said in a news release. “While we expect our sellers to hold a high standard of transparency, we felt compelled to provide an alternate compensation mechanism to bring more balance to challenging transactions.

“Sellers will maintain the same level of responsibility and accountability for their trades, but TotalCare can now be leveraged to keep deals together," he added.

The company said that TotalCare will integrate access to competitive consumer extended warranties, customized protection plans and an online portal for managing all extended warranty contracts.

Additionally, along with insuring wholesale trades, the company said that it also has plans to offer all KM Plus warranty products to its members to bring provide additional value to its growing member-base.

KM Plus offers end-to-end consumer protection plans across Canada that are easily transferable and can be sold along with the vehicle, the company said.

“KM Plus has been known to offer warranty packages that often meet or exceed manufacturer warranties at competitive prices,” said Jean Duplessis, president of KM Plus. “Otolane customers will soon enjoy an easier access to our coverage packages through a single wholesale automotive portal.”

With more than 12 years of experience in specialized auto finance, Autonum Capital supports Canadian dealers by offering a complete loan solution to F&I departments. Autonum boasts a high credit approval rating, unique turn-key services and an intensive F&I training program.

Most notably, the company’s services are available through Dealertrack, one of Canada’s leading dealership management systems.  

“I am delighted with these partnerships and the growth they will generate," said Claude Joyal, president of Autonum Capital. "The digital auction market is booming and Otolane has the technological expertise to take the lead.” 

Reynolds and Motoinsight partner to help dealers access financing data


Canadian dealers now have another way of verifying incentive levels and other financing data associated with a vehicle a potential buyer is considering.

This week, Reynolds and Reynolds Canada and Motoinsight announced an agreement that will enable dealers that use the Reynolds ERA-IGNITE dealership management system (DMS) to seamlessly access Motoinsight’s automotive data for customer incentives in the Canadian marketplace.

Executives highlighted the Motoinsight data will help ensure that dealers operating on ERA-IGNITE will have timely access to the latest information for vehicle residual values, standard financing rates and vehicle incentives when working with a customer on a vehicle purchase or lease agreement.

Reynolds is a leading provider of automobile dealership software, services and forms. Motoinsight is one of the Canadian market leader for automotive data, technology and digital retailing solutions.

“We are truly excited about the relationship and the opportunity to work with Reynolds,” Motoinsight president Radek Garbowski said.

“Canadian retail automotive lending programs can often be difficult to decipher. We understand how important it is that dealers have timely access to accurate and easy-to-understand incentive data when working a deal,” Garbowski continued.

The companies went on to mention that Motoinsight’s finance company-based, market data combined with the strength of Reynolds’ ERA-IGNITE DMS platform can help dealers to structure a deal for a consumer quickly, precisely, and with confidence.

“Motoinsight is a leader in the industry and a company with deep experience in this market,” said Bob Schaefer, vice president of OEM relations and data services at Reynolds.

“Adding reliable access to this data is one more step for Reynolds in helping automotive retailers improve how their businesses operate and how they deliver a rewarding retail experience to their customers, Schaefer went on to say.

5 benefits of Otolane partnership with NextGear Capital


Canadian wholesalers now have another financial tool available to help stores get the inventory they need.

As part of its efforts to drive innovation in the remarketing industry, Otolane — a growing dealer-to-dealer digital marketplace — announced this week that it has signed a partnership agreement with NextGear Capital to offer more buying power to its members through a seamless buying experience.

Executives highlighted the “Pay with NextGear” feature is available immediately linking available credit through Otolane.

“Streamlining our services in a way which unifies every step of the digital wholesale transactional process is one of the many ways we can provide more value to our expanding customer base” said David Abitbol, vice president of operations of Otolane.

“Our members will now be able to perform worry-free floor plan financing through NextGear within our digital automotive ecosystem more efficiently,” Abitbol continued.

Abitbol went on to mention this solution is brought to light with wholesalers in mind, thinking it would create more time to focus on the next deal the security brought through this venture will also eradicate the need for personal and commercial financing or funding for any transaction.

This payment integration will offer the following benefits to both buyers and sellers:

• Ease of use to purchase and finance inventory

• Safe and secure online funding for clients through NextGear Capital

• Additional liquidity and buying power for clients

• Faster online credit approvals with quicker speed to market

• Custom tailored finance solutions designed for both franchise and independent dealers, wholesalers and exporters

“Now clients will be able to view, bid and purchase car inventory via Otolane and seamlessly fund these purchases on their NextGear credit accounts in a manner that is both convenient and secure.” said Jerome Dwight, who is NextGear Capital’s national vice president for Canada.

For more information about Otolane, call (888) 985-0201.

NextGear Capital rolls out funding portal through 3 digital auction partners


While pinpointing six potential benefits, NextGear Capital on Thursday launched a multi-channel funding portal to offer customers its custom point-of-sale inventory financing solutions.

Cox Automotive Canada’s financial services brand highlighted this portal will be available through NextGear Capital’s digital auction partners, including EBlock, TradeHelper and Otolane.

“Bringing together these three leading online auctions on a single funding portal is an industry-first in terms of offering our clients best in class mobile and digital technologies to aid in the vehicle purchasing process,” said Jerome Dwight, national vice president for Canada at NextGear Capital.

 “Now clients will be able to view, bid and purchase vehicle inventory on any of these leading online auctions and seamlessly fund these purchases on their NextGear Capital credit accounts in a manner that is both convenient and secure,” Dwight continued.

Noting that many online wholesale purchasers in Canada cannot efficiently fund their transactions with a single integrated credit provider, NextGear Capital and its digital auction partners are working together to enable their clients to fully finance their vehicles instantly across multiple channels.  

In addition to being a destination for current NextGear Capital clients, the company added that digital auction partner clients will benefit in many ways, including:

—Ease of use to purchase and finance inventory from leading digital auction providers in Canada

—Safe and secure online funding for clients through NextGear Capital

—Additional liquidity and buying power for clients

—Greater access to a larger array of digital auction partner inventory

—Faster online credit approvals with quicker speed to market

—Custom tailored finance solutions designed for both franchise and independent dealers, wholesalers and exporters

For more information about how NextGear Capital in Canada, call (877) 864-9291.

Kia Canada announces CPOs must earn CARPROOF VHR badge


Kia Canada and CARPROOF recently announced that in an effort to make used-car transactions more transparent, all vehicles in Kia’s CPO program must now qualify for the CARPROOF Top Condition badge found on the company’s VHRs.

Kia Canada CPO vehicles have to meet CARPROOF’s strict safety and condition standards to earn the VHR badge.

CARPROOF introduced both Top Condition and Low Kilometers badges in January.

“Kia Canada is extremely excited to further enhance our partnership with CARPROOF to increase transparency into our Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program,” Kia Canada national remarketing manager Stephane Lubin said in a news release. “Incorporating Kia CPO badging into CARPROOF reports will naturally expand our ability to provide reliability, dependability and peace of mind for our consumers.”

The Top Condition badge will appear on Kia CPO vehicle VHRs until they are retailed, according to Kia Canada.

“This initiative is an effective way for automotive dealers to use a CARPROOF VHR as a selling tool,” added Mike Foster, CARPROOF OEM and lender national manager “In addition, the permanent CPO record can help with resale value when the time comes to trade the vehicle in again.”

TRADER adds Dealer Drive digital test drive tracking app to roster


TRADER Corp. announced Tuesday a new partnership with Dealer Drive to bring the Australian-based technology company’s app-based digital test drive tracking and analytics solution to dealers across Canada.

The solution has been added to TRADER’s existing roster of efficiency and conversion solutions and is now being rolled out to its customer base, according to the company.

The technology can provide real-time data, help increase productivity and find both proven time and cost savings.

“Whether in-house or externally, we are constantly focused on finding the right technology solutions to solve the needs of our customers to help them to improve their businesses,” TRADER vice president of product commercialization Jill Hadfield said in a news release.

“Dealer Drive offers proven data-driven solutions that help overcome some of the challenges that dealerships face today, helping them to operate more efficiently and capitalize on more sales opportunities. Thanks to a product that revolutionizes the test drive experience, we’re sure Dealer Drive will help Canadian retailers obtain similar results to those seen in other markets,” she explained.

With the Dealer Drive app, sales staff can capture customer information while on the go into a tablet or smartphone.

“We deeply analyzed this market and recognized that TRADER has a proven track record in bringing innovative products to its customers”, Dealer Drive co-founder, Michael Webb said. “TRADER is able to execute our collective vision of solving retailers' challenges by providing excellent service and a high level of support for this program.”

In addition to being able to track the quality and effectiveness of the customer test drive experience, users can quickly respond to customer feedback.

Toyota Canada performs showroom eye tracking study at Dx3 Canada conference


In the showroom, car brands only have about 20 seconds to influence a car shopper's opinion, according to eye tracking provider Tobii Pro Insight, which partnered with Dx3 Canada and Toyota Canada to closely analyze consumer's typical showroom experience.

As if they were shopping for a new vehicle, 92 study participants were given Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and told to walk around Toyota's interactive automotive showroom at the Dx3 conference.

The showroom featured a Corolla, RAV4, a variety of promotional materials, digital displays and Toyota brand ambassadors.

Participants were divided into two groups: millennials and older shoppers.

The Tobii Pro glasses recorded what the consumers paid attention to, for how long they focused on something and what they ignored, whether that was the vehicle's exterior, under the hood, or a piece of promotional material.

The study found that while older shoppers took more interest in viewing the textual elements of the displays, millennial shoppers’ eyes tended to gravitate toward the interactive displays.

Digital screens and interactive displays captured nearly 50 percent of all attention to showroom promotional elements, according to Dx3 Canada.

Additionally, overall, participants viewed the insides of the showroom vehicles most carefully.

The consoles, gear shift and instrumentation accounted for close to 70 percent of consumer attention.

When walking around outside of the vehicle, consumer's eyes were found to center on the each vehicles' side body lines and aesthetic features.

TradeRev, ADESA partner in Canada to promote app at 14 locations


TradeRev has announced it will now have a physical presence in 14 ADESA auction locations after partnering with ADESA Canada to encourage dealers to use TradeRev’s mobile app before sending cars to a brick-and-mortar auction.

Hands-on assistance from ADESA sales teams will be available at the auctions to help dealers load their inventory onto the mobile app auction platform, according to TradeRev.

“Mobile technology is disrupting the wholesale auction marketplace by empowering dealers and putting them in full control,” TradeRev chief executive officer and co-founder Mark Endras said in a news release. “ADESA is North America’s premier auction marketplace with thousands of strong, trusted dealer relationships. Partnering with them to accelerate the ‘Digital First’ revolution is exhilarating for both companies and incredibly exciting for our shared customers.”

TradeRev and ADESA also announced a series of exclusive partnerships including more than 100 dealerships throughout Canada earlier this year.

As a result of the recent partnerships, tens of thousands of vehicles have been added to TradeRev’s network of buyer and seller dealers, the company said.

“ADESA is committed to helping our customers buy and sell inventory as quickly and efficiently as possible – regardless of the channel,” said Trevor Henderson, chief operating officer of ADESA Canada. “No one can do this better than ADESA, TradeRev and the KAR family of companies. We’ve been the online services leader in Canada for many years and we are proud to extend the digitization of our industry to help dealers launch and win auctions from the palm of their hands.”

TradeRev is available nationwide in Canada and in 10 markets across the U.S. ADESA currently holds a 50 percent stake in TradeRev.

According to TradeRev, more than 500,000 dealer auctions have been launched through its mobile app, which has produced over 6 million dealer bids.

Porsche Canada adds 2nd Certified Porsche Classic Partner


Porsche Cars Canada recently opened Pfaff Porsche, its second Certified Porsche Classic Partner.

Pfaff Porsche sells Porsche Classic models as well as genuine parts and service for those models. It is also the seventh in North America, according to Porsche Cars Canada.

"The new Pfaff Porsche is a facility that fosters the fascination surrounding the brand's sports cars from the moment you step on the premises," Porsche Cars Canada president and chief executive officer Alexander Pollich said in a news release.

"Becoming a Certified Porsche Classic Partner will allow the team at Pfaff to continue to build on this allure and showcase the range of services that are available for Porsche Classic owners."

With Porsche's growth in the market, there were more than 65,000 Porsche vehicles in Canada at the end of last year, the company said. Classic Cars represented a third of those. 

Copart Canada snags new client Promutuel Insurance


Copart recently announced a new agreement with Promutuel Insurance, which provides coverage across the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, allowing Copart Canada to better serve the Eastern Canada market and expand its footprint throughout the region.

“We are thrilled to welcome Promutuel Insurance. This agreement gives us more diversity and coverage in the Eastern Canada region and allows us to expand our offerings to our buyers,” Copart Canada managing director Steve Macaluso said in a news release.

“We provide several benefits to our insurance clients, and I’m excited for Promutuel Insurance to experience Copart Canada’s national footprint and global buyer base.”

The new agreement with Promutuel Insurance benefits both Copart Canada’s buyers and Copart’s international buyer base, according to the vehicle auction company.

Copart Canada currently operates in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, London, Montreal and Moncton. For more information, visit