OMVIC Warns Dealers $9,998 Car Ads Can Be ‘Misleading’

The 2015 Nissan Micra is priced with an MSRP value of $9,998.


Concern that advertisements for new cars under $10,000 may be misleading for consumers prompted The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council — which enforces the province’s Motor Vehicle Dealer Act and Regulations  —  to issue an open letter to Ontario’s dealers last week.

The crux of the issue: dealers should be careful about reusing OEM advertisements without altering for additional fees.

Recently, many manufacturer ads have popped up promoting a number of new models with MSRPs below $10,000 before freight and pre-delivery inspection, such as the 2015 Nissan Micra.

The manufacturer may be able to advertise a vehicle for the attractive price of $9,998, but OMVIC cautions when dealers use the same manufacturer advertising without revising, the only additional fees that can be added are HST and the actual cost of licensing that buyer.

And the ad must state that licensing and HST are additional costs.

“This is not an all-in price. Dealers who use manufacturer’s ad templates without making the necessary revisions to ensure compliance do so at their own peril,” the regulator said in the open letter released last week.

Of course, manufacturers are not subject to the same advertising guidelines, as they are not regulated by OMVIC.

Though a new car for under $10,000 may draw the attention of a potential shopper, OMVIC cautions these advertisements are misleading if fees such as fuel and tire stewardship fees, admin fees, and more push the price beyond the $10K mark.

OMVIC shared that dealers who have violated the all-in price requirements should expect to receive a Notice of Complaint.

They could also be slapped with the following fines and disciplinary actions:

  • $25,000 fine for breaching the Code of Ethics (discipline hearing)
  • $250,00 fine for a corporation (for breaching the MVDA)
  • $50,000 fine and/or jail time for an individual (for breaching the MVDA)
  • Issuance of a proposal to revoke registration

Dealers who need more information can contact OMVIC’s Business Standards Team at




This is where you should be spending the huge increase in dealer's license fees. It is ridiculous that manufacturers are allowed to advertise cars for sale in the province without meeting omvic advertising guidelines. The impression is that they have enough money that they don't have to follow the rules and used car dealers cannot afford to fight omvic so only used cars are applicable to the law. Manufacturers should not be able to advertise prices or payments or features at ALL if they do not want to follow the guidelines that we have ALL agreed to.

250k find ? lol

OEM's sell the car, but freight and PDE should also be included. Tire fees and other provincials fees are hard to manage in an ad that runs across the country. Remember OMVIC is just Ontario. In fact the industry needs to rethink all these add on charges, starting with destination fees.

Is this why the $9998 price was removed (faded out) from the car window sticker price in the original add? It is now in the text section as 'starting at $9998'.

Interesting but I have yet to find this car at 9998.

Thanks for putting light on my wisdom on such an serious issue of which I was unaware of. Truly, these things are happening and sending an open letter is the correct thing done against Ontario. Reusing OEM advertisements becomes an issue and everybody should be aware about it. I will surely this info with my friends and colleagues. General car users should be very careful while choosing a car dealer for any queries because these are the communities which not only fraudulent but also may misguide you lead you to some issues. For best repair center visit Anyways, nice blog!


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