Certified Pre-Owned

What lengthening new-car turn times might do to used-car performance

CARY, N.C. - 

Industry observers see trends in the new-vehicle space that are making the delivery of new metal more challenging and, as a result, likely to impact how efficiently dealerships can turn their used-vehicle inventory.

Analysts from Autotrader, Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book all shared data and insights with Auto Remarketing on Wednesday that pointed to possible challenges for franchised dealerships that might face the challenge of finding buyers for their new models — which in some cases are taking the amount of days to turn not seen in almost eight years.

Meanwhile, off-lease volume continues to grow with units ripe to be retailed as certified pre-owned is on the rise.

“(New-vehicle) inventory is starting to swell, which is concerning considering that we’re still months away from the peak summer selling season,” Edmunds executive director of industry analysis Jessica Caldwell said in a message to Auto Remarketing.

Caldwell indicated days to turn has reached its highest level since July of 2009, and new vehicle inventory was up 9 percent year-over-year in February. Edmunds offered this metrics regarding days to turn in February:

• Subcompact cars had a days to turn of 102 days.

• Large cars had a days to turn of 86 days.

• Midsize cars had a days to turn of 82 days.

• Industry average was 74 days.

“The automakers are in a tricky spot: aggressive incentives are already starting to eat into profits and residuals, but it takes discipline to pull back the production reins in what’s still a fairly strong market,” she said.

And what about the CPO department?

“The used vehicles that will feel the squeeze are off-lease and otherwise near-new used,” Caldwell said. “We know those particular types of inventories will climb due to high lease rates so having an abundance of new inventory will create more pricing pressure for those vehicles. The older used vehicles have short supply with higher demand so those should not feel the squeeze from climbing new-car inventories."

Kelley Blue Book senior analyst Alec Gutierrez acknowledged during a conference call on Wednesday that “we are seeing inventory build up across the spectrum” as he put new-vehicle days’ supply at close to 80 days, up from about 70 days a year ago. Gutierrez indicated automakers are slapping more than $3,500 on the hood in incentives to get new models rolling over the curb; a trend a bit surprising since February typically is a slow month for new-car sales anyway.

“You see where inventory levels are at and I think manufacturers are making a concerted effort to try to get the numbers down to some extent,” Gutierrez said. “You would think in February with the expectations and with respect to seasonality, we all know this is a slow month. This would be a month where you could expect to pull back on incentives a bit and a little bit of reduced performance, and it wouldn’t really break anyone’s expectations. 

“But I think at the end of the day, consumers have seen rising incentive levels,” he continued. “We know that typical consumers are going to be in the marketplace typically for 60 to 90 days if not more ahead of their purchase. If they’re keeping tabs on incentive activity and trying to time their overall decision of when to head to the dealership to finalize the deal, a sudden cutback in incentives could certainly sway that to wait or seek an alternative.

“To some extent, incentives remain high because they have been high. Until we see a meaningful impact on overall inventory levels and days’ supply, it’s going to be a slow ramp back down with incentives. And at this point, we’re still seeing the trend head upward,” Gutierrez went on to say.

So if incentives are going to stay high, what’s that trend going to do to dealerships’ used-vehicle prospects?

“With days’ supply where it is and the incentive load at $3,600-plus per unit, there’s most definitely going to be a trickle-down effect impacting the used-car side,” Guiterrez said. “In fact, when we look at overall performance of late-model inventory at auctions across the U.S., we’re seeing about a 2 percent reduction in terms of what dealers are willing to pay at auction year-over-year. If you look at it in terms of retained value, the auction value as a percent of vehicle’s original MSRP, you’re seeing more like a 3-point reduction.

“Although transaction prices on the new-car side remain very strong, that overall incentive load coupled with high days’ supply, not to mention increasing supply on the wholesale side from off-lease inventory returning in greater numbers month in and month out, we are seeing not insignificant downward pressure being applied on used-car values,” he continued. “That trickle-down effect is certainly taking place and it’s something we expect to continue in the months ahead.”

During Wednesday’s conference call, Autotrader senior analyst Michelle Krebs pointed out that there were “healthy” shopping activity on dealership websites last month. She also mentioned the latest analysis from the Conference Board placed consumer confidence at the highest level since 2011 with a strong sentiment of people likely to make a vehicle purchase.

But should it be a new model or a certified unit?

“From a consumer point of view, it’s going to take a little bit more studying to which is the better deal, the off-lease vehicle and sold as a certified pre-owned versus a new one that’s heavily incentivized,” Krebs said.

“Of course, there are two different stories there, too,” she continued. “The price drops have been most significant on traditional cars and less so since truck prices have been stronger as are sport utility vehicles. (The used-car market) almost a mirror image of the new-car market.”

While there might be a glut of new-vehicle inventory gumming up the system now, Krebs advised that the industry keep watch of what happens as the first quarter unfolds.

“I think we should be careful. January and February are lowest sales volume months of the year,” Krebs said. “I think we should pay attention to March and later in the spring. Those months are the strongest and we’ll get a much stronger indication of where 2017 is headed.” 

More CPO strategy advice from top dealers

CARY, N.C. - 

To conclude coverage from the Best CPO Dealers in the USA issue of Auto Remarketing, we share some certified pre-owned strategy from the top-selling Toyota CPO dealer as well as insight from a Volvo store that made the cut.

Starting with Toyota, Auto Remarketing asked how dealers can increase CPO awareness among consumers, and which strategies have been found to be effective.

“We don’t have any strategies to increase CPO awareness among customers. We certify all qualified units to provide a good physical presence on the lot. We’re fortunate our manufacturer is committed to supporting the program and offer what I believe is the best CPO website in the industry,” Ray Sanabia, general sales manager at Cavender Toyota, said via email.

Meanwhile, on the Volvo side, we posed this question: To a customer who perhaps isn’t aware or familiar with CPO, how do you educate them about its benefit?

“We try to use the factory brochure and signs around the store to help educate the customer. We will also try and use the certified checklist,” said Drake Jacobson, pre-owned manager for Borton Volvo.

The complete top 10 CPO lists for Toyota and Volvo are below, along with full-year 2016 CPO sales, is below. For a full run-down of 21 brands and their respective top certified pre-owned dealers, see the Feb. 15 issue of Auto Remarketing

1. Cavender Toyota 3,410
2. Longo Toyota 3,260
3. Don McGill Toyota of Katy 2,208
4. Toyota of Boerne 2,095
5. Charles Maund Toyota 2,015
6. Boch Toyota 1,961
7. Kendall Toyota 1,720
8. Koons Tysons Toyota 1,696
9. Arlington Toyota 1,649
10. Findlay Toyota and Scion 1,618

1. Autobahn Motorcars 346
2. Crest Volvo Cars 300
3. Boston Volvo Village 286
4. Borton Volvo (Golden Valley) 244
5. Volvo Cars Annapolis 231
6. Niello Volvo of Sacramento 230
7. Stillman Volvo Cars 222
8. Park Place Volvo 213
9. Prestige Volvo 203
10. 128 Volvo Cars 191

Staff Writer Chris Hart-Williams contributed to this report. 

CPO share of franchised used at record high; room to grow?

CARY, N.C. - 

A record 22.8 percent of franchised dealers’ used-car sales last year were certified pre-owned vehicles, according to an Edmunds report, and there were also a record 2.6 million CPO cars sold last year.

But where do certified sales go from here?  That’s not quite certain at this point, although signs would suggest there's potential for growth.

Edmunds said in its latest Used Vehicle Market Report that it’s possible CPO sales continue rising, but notes that certified sales “don’t specifically correlate” to the industry's bump in leasing.

Lease originations were close to 4 million in 2015, were well past 4 million in 2016 and are expected to reach 4.1 million this year, according to the Edmunds report.

The certified pre-owned market has had gone six straight years of record sales, according to Autodata Corp., but those numbers — while impressive — haven’t yet reached an annual sum of 3 million.

Certified sales were up 3.5 percent last year, but Edmunds said there may have been potential for more.

“CPO sales actually didn’t grow as much as would have been expected, given the number of vehicles coming off of lease,” Edmunds senior analyst Ivan Drury said in a news release accompanying the report.

“This indicates dealers put more off-lease vehicles directly onto lots instead of going through the certification process, which could be one factor keeping pricing in check and allowing the market to absorb so many newer vehicles entering the market at once,” he said.

According to Manheim’s 2017 Used Car Market Report, there were 18 percent more off-lease vehicles than CPO sales last year.  There were more than 3.1 million off-lease units last year, with 2017 volumes expected to hit 3.6 million and 2018 volumes projected north of 4 million, according to Manheim.

In a recent phone interview, Cox Automotive chief economist Tom Webb — the architect of the Manheim report, if you will — notes the off-lease growth outpacing that of CPO, but does point out that certified sales remain an important way to protect residual values.

Interestingly enough, though, he does point out that more off-lease volumes may flow into independent dealerships, and these stores may be able to put their own warranties and guarantees on the vehicles.

In the report, Manheim mulls over a potential ceiling for CPO sales, pointing out that “the ratio of CPO sales to the number of new-vehicles sales in the prior four years is now more than 4 percent, up from slightly over 2 percent 10 years ago.”

Citing the National Automobile Dealers Association and Autodata, Manheim also notes that 21 percent of franchised used-car sales were CPO in 2016, up from 14.2 percent six years earlier.

“Note, however, that manufacturers with long-established CPO programs, high lease rates, and remarketing processes that keep a large share of returning units within their dealer networks often have CPO-to-prior sales ratios close to double digits,” Manheim said in the report.

“And their dealers often have used vehicle operations where more than half of all used sales are accounted for by CPO vehicles. This means that the CPO market has at least the potential to continue its growth. It will be a matter of how much marketing muscle the manufacturers want to put behind the programs — and, of course, the dealer’s ability to continue to earn good profits on the sales,” it continued.

Manheim suggests that the certified sales last year didn’t see as much growth as they could have, due to such profitability limitations to the dealer.

The share of compact cars and midsize cars in the pool of lease returns, off-rentals and late-model trades was larger than consumer demand for these vehicles.

“As a result, the potential gross profit on the subsequent retail sales of those units was skinny. So skinny that dealers decided the lift from CPOing the unit would be inadequate relative to the associated costs,” Manheim said. “They retailed the unit without CPOing it.

“Relatedly, manufacturers continued to offer attractive lease deals on new small sedans, which often made the monthly retail payment on a competing CPO unit uncompetitive,” Manheim’s report said. “Some of the pressures above should ease in 2017, and thus, CPO sales will continue to grow.

“It is important, however, that manufacturers design programs that allow dealers to benefit financially.”

It should be noted, as well, that Manheim expects 2017 to be the seventh straight year of best-ever certified sales, for this two-pronged reason: “growing off-lease volumes provide both the need and ability for further growth.”

FCA dealers talk CPO sourcing strategy amid supply gains

CARY, N.C. - 

In the years following the recent recession and new-car sales decline, used-car supply was in a pinch. So finding cars for certified pre-owned programs often proved to be challenging.

Dealers had to get creative to find CPO-worthy vehicles for their lots.

However, used-car supply — like new-car sales — has rebounded in a big way in recent years.

So how has CPO sourcing strategy changed as a result?

That’s the question we posed to top-selling certified pre-owned dealers for Fiat Chrysler as part of the Best CPO Dealers issue of Auto Remarketing.

“We’re continuing to see used-car prices flatten out from what had been record highs, because the supply is increasing. With all the online options to acquire inventory, we continue to identify more sources to supply our growing CPOV program, such as Chrysler Direct,” Michael Sego, executive vice president of Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram of Ontario, said via email.

“This website lists all the lease returns throughout the entire country, and is a good source for non-rental vehicles with fairly low mileage,” he said. “One of the keys to being competitive in today’s CPO market is to utilize the technological tools available, which emphasize speed and efficiency.

“Lastly, it is simply about creating awareness of your CPO program and the benefits of it, to be genuine when dealing with your guest and simple and transparent in your pricing ... to make the process easy and straightforward.”

At Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge — the automaker’s No. 1 CPO volume dealer and Auto Remarking’s 2015 CPO Dealer of the Year — dealer principal Don Luke said: “This is a good tool to sell more product. We certify every Fiat Chrysler product in our inventory that qualifies.”

Yark Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge in Toledo, Ohio ranked seventh on the FCA list with 977 certified sales last year.

“CPO inventory has become a ‘core’ product and our purchasing strategy definitely targets these units,” said Bob Lutz, inventory manager at Yark Automotive Group

Steve Amos, the pre-owned manager at Stew Hansen Dodge City Jeep, said: “The biggest part of keeping up with the certified program would be having the correct processes in place to get them from raw trade in or purchase car to on the lot in fast and efficient way looking the part and being ready to be driven home.

“Having a large selection of FCA certified products helps us hit our monthly goals of selling at least100 certified vehicles and continuing to grow as a business by putting customers in certified cars with great certified program warranties.”

The complete top 10 CPO dealers for FCA is below, along with city and 2016 CPO sales:

1. Bill Luke Chrysler-Jeep & Dodge (Phoenix) 2,989
2. Stew Hansen Dodge City Jeep (Urbandale, Iowa) 1,249
3. Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep (Scottdsale, Ariz.) 1,201
4. Jeep Chrysler Dodge of Ontario (Ontario, Calif.) 1,123
5. Route 46 Chrysler Jeep Dodge (Little Falls, N.J.) 1,040
6. Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge (Jericho, N.Y.) 1,034
7. Yark Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge (Toledo, Ohio) 977
8. Mac Haik Dodge Chrysler Jeep (Houston) 967
9. Ken Garff West Valley Chrysler (West Valley City, Utah) 966
10. Westgate Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (Raleigh, N.C.) 964

VW dealer discusses educating consumers new to CPO

CARY, N.C. - 

As used-car inventories increase, so does the opportunity for dealers to educate car buyers about the benefits of certified pre-owned vehicles and drive them to consider a CPO purchase they wouldn't have sought on their own.

As part of our Best CPO Dealers issue of Auto Remarketing, we looked into how dealers might educate a customer who perhaps isn’t aware or familiar with CPO about its benefit.

“Very informative salespeople would be the first step for explanations,” Steve Hendricks, who is the general manager at Luther Westside Volkswagen, said via email. “All of our VW inventory that can be Certified is Certified so when explaining to our guests no matter which VW they prefer it will come with an impressive peace of mind warranty Factory Warranty not too much different from a new VW.”

Hendricks suggests highlighting CPO program offerings customers find attractive and desire.  

“We also show them the CPO certification check-out sheet and of course present the vehicle itself pointing out perhaps the brand new tires, new brakes and of course our show quality finish on the outside and the like new appearance on the inside,” he added. “An almost new VW for less!” 

Luther Westside Volkswagen of St. Louis Park, Minn. ranked No. 1 on Volkswagen’s CPO list with 1,009 certified sales in 2016.

See all automaker CPO rankings in the Feb. 15 issue of Auto Remarketing.

The complete top 10 CPO dealers for Volkswagen is below, with 2016 sales included:

  1. Luther West Side Volkswagen: 1009

  2. Gunther Volkswagen of Coconut Creek: 729

  3. Volkswagen Santa Monica: 646

  4. South Bay Volkswagen: 596

  5. Lokey Volkswagen: 498

  6. Volkswagen of South Charlotte: 487

  7. Brandon Volkswagen: 464

  8. Pacific Volkswagen: 450

  9. Volkswagen North Scottsdale: 447

  10. Burnsville Volkswagen, Inc.: 431

Top-selling Nissan CPO dealer shares inventory-sourcing strategy

CARY, N.C. - 

With used-car supply increasing in recent years, having the right inventory in stock at the right time for certified pre-owned buyers depends on dealers keeping current consumer demand in mind when purchasing inventory.

As part of our Best CPO Dealers issue of Auto Remarketing, we asked top-selling dealers in the Nissan CPO program how CPO sourcing strategy has changed with used-car supply increasing in recent years.

“Increasing used-car supply has made it more important than ever to stock low saturation, fast turning models and trim levels,” Eric Shoemaker, who is the pre-owned sales director at Trophy Nissan, said via email.

When purchasing inventory, he suggests taking additional steps to optimize supply.

“Utilizing closed factory sales in multiple markets, the manufacturers direct purchasing platform and targeting our own customers for trades has allowed us to acquire these units as we need them versus carrying large inventories,” Shoemaker added.

“Market changes are drastic and often, so a tight day supply is crucial.”

Trophy Nissan of Mesquite, Texas ranked No. 1 on Nissan’s CPO list with 2,345 certified sales in 2016.

See all automaker CPO rankings in the Feb. 15 issue of Auto Remarketing.

The complete top 10 CPO dealers for Nissan is below, with 2016 sales included:

  1. Trophy Nissan: 2,345

  2. Nissan of McKinney: 1,051

  3. Nissan of Richmond: 912

  4. Baker Nissan North: 881

  5. Pinnacle Nissan: 872

  6. Mossy Nissan: 866

  7. Clay Cooley Nissan: 862

  8. Universal City Nissan: 853

  9. Teddy Nissan: 847

  10. Middletown Nissan: 811

CPO dealers share the value of 'like-new' service

CARY, N.C. - 

An exceptional CPO buying experience could just be what some consumers need to seriously consider the new option next time around.

For our Best CPO Dealers issue, Auto Remarketing asked some of the top Kia dealers in the CPO space how they provide a “like-new” experience to certified pre-owned customers.

“For us providing a like new experience for our CPO customers starts with the initial meet-and-greet when they get to the store,” said Patterson Kia of Arlington’s Joe Johnson.

“At that time, a manager introduction is initiated and we begin to share with them what we call the 'Patterson Difference’— outlining who we are, how we conduct business, and communicating their options for purchasing a vehicle from us sets the stage for consideration of a CPO vehicle, as well as a new one.”

Johnson’s store ranked No. 5 among Kia dealers for CPO sales in 2016, selling 670 certified units, according to Kia Motors America.

“Whether that family or individual has come in with an expectation to purchase a new vehicle or a pre-owned vehicle, we want them to have the information necessary to consider all their options with us. By presenting these options, we establish ourselves as the professionals charged with leading them to a decision that ultimately makes the most sense for them. In many cases the CPO is that conclusion,” Johnson said.

In Cerritos, Calif. the Kia of Cerritos store ranked No. 6 with a total of 665 CPO sales in 2016.

Used-car director Mark Near defined via email how his store provides a high-quality CPO experience.

“We understand that in today’s market, the consumer has many choices and we are grateful for every opportunity whether they purchase from us or not,” Near explained.

“After a customer purchases a Kia certified vehicle, just like the purchase of a new vehicle, our product specialist will go over and demonstrate all of the features and benefits of the vehicle. It is our goal to that each customer is completely comfortable with their new vehicle and has a full understanding of how everything functions,” he said.

"In addition each specialist willfully explain Kia’s 10-year/100,000 mile certified warranty details, maintenance schedule and roadside assistance benefits which are also included with the purchase of a certified vehicle,” Near continued.

“Finally, in a few days a follow-up call will be made to each customer to be sure they are enjoying their new certified Kia.We want to be sure everything is working okay and ensure he or she is completely satisfied. We invite everyone to visit us for a free no obligation test drive anytime. We are confident that Kia of Cerritos’ commitment to our customers will provide a superior-car buying experience and will go a long way to earning business.”

The complete top 10 CPO dealers for Kia is below, with 2016 sales included:

  1. Kia of Irvine: 1,130

  2. Garden Grove Kia: 1,071

  3. Shawnee Mission Kia: 692

  4. Cherry Hill Kia: 684

  5. Patterson Kia of Arlington: 670

  6. Kia of Cerritos: 665

  7. Luther Kia of Bloomington: 662

  8. Courtesy Kia of Brandon: 622

  9. Cobb County Kia: 584

  10. Halleen Kia: 573

See all automaker CPO rankings in the Feb. 15 issue of Auto Remarketing.

How off-lease drives CPO sales for BMW stores

CARY, N.C. - 

There was more than 3.1 million off-lease units hitting the market last year, according to Manheim, and that number is only expected to rise in coming years. 

With certified pre-owned being a popular channel for these off-lease units to call home — and with leasing being especially popular with luxury brands — Auto Remarketing asked top BMW CPO dealers how the increase in off-lease supply has impacted their CPO operations.

This was part of our Feb. 15 publication, which recognizes the Best CPO Dealers in the USA

Victor Sousa at United BMW of Roswell called it a “great opportunity” to push certifed volumes. 

“With a greater supply we can offer a larger variety of vehicles to our customers,” Sousa said via email.

“The additional inventory has created opportunities to attract new customers and generated additional reconditioning business in our fixed operations department while forcing our team to be more diligent with our sales turn and placing a greater emphasis on expediting our time to market,” he said. “Through these efforts we have improved our online marketing capabilities and our interactions with BMW and BMW Financial Services.”

(According to BMW, United BMW is “one store with two locations.” The Roswell, Ga., store is a satellite location, BMW said).

Over at Vista Motor Co., Michael Perrault said off-lease gains have been a plus.

“The increase in off lease supply has had a positive impact on our CPO operation in a couple of ways. The first one is the increase in inventory, which turns into sales. The more vehicles you have the more you sell,” he said. “The second is the factory supports us with good programs as well as additional advertising to help drive the customers into the stores.”

The following is the complete list of top 10 CPO stores for BMW, based on 2016 sales: 

1. United BMW of Gwinnett Place (3,318)
2. Stevens Creek BMW (1,796)
3. Chapman BMW (1,695)
4. Beverly Hills BMW (1,679)
5. Vista Motor Co. (1,622)
6. Hendrick BMW (1,426)
7. BMW of Monrovia (1,327)
8. Lauderdale BMW (1,299)
9. Schomp BMW (1,210)
10. Braman Motorcars (1,208)

Infiniti dealer says CPO is vital for retention

CARY, N.C. - 

A certified pre-owned vehicle purchase can be the first luxury buy many consumers make who’d like to test the waters before buying new.

As part of our Best CPO Dealers issue of Auto Remarketing — we asked top-selling dealers in the Infiniti CPO program how certified pre-owned has helped them get aspirational luxury buyers into new cars at their stores.

“It is the entry point to the brand’s new-vehicle offerings,” Mike Korallus general manager at Infiniti of Naperville said via email.

He suggests that satisfied consumers will likely be interested in the brand-new model.

“It is a natural progression and is crucial for retention as well,” he added.

“[CPO] combines luxury affordability, with the reliability and peace of mind that comes with a factory-backed pre-owned certified vehicle.”

Infiniti of Naperville ranked No. 6 on Infiniti’s CPO list with 500 certified sales in 2016.

See all automaker CPO rankings in the Feb. 15 issue of Auto Remarketing.

The complete top 10 CPO dealers for Audi is below, with 2016 sales included:

  1. Sewell Infiniti: 786

  2. Sewell Infiniti of N. Houston: 710

  3. Infiniti of Gwinnett: 687

  4. Roswell Infiniti: 646

  5. Grubbs Infiniti: 628

  6. Infiniti of Naperville: 500

  7. Southwest Infiniti: 491

  8. Infiniti of Clarendon Hills: 445

  9. Austin Infiniti: 424

  10. Crest Infiniti: 407

Top Buick-GMC stores share CPO customer experience tips

CARY, N.C. - 

One of the perks that might entice a shopper to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle over a non-certified used car is that the ride — and the experience of buying that car — is “like-new.”

With that in mind — and as part of our Best CPO Dealers issue — Auto Remarketing asked some of the top Buick-GMC dealers in the CPO space how they provide a “like-new” experience to certified pre-owned customers.

“At Serra Pre-Owned, we treat every customer like they are buying a brand new vehicle,” Bob Davidson, who is the used sales manager at Serra Buick GMC Cadillac, said via email.

His store ranked second among Buick-GMC dealers for CPO sales in 2016, selling 726 certified units, according to General Motors.

“We pride our self in the reconditioning of our CPO vehicles, trying to make them look as close to showroom new as we can, so the customer feels like they are getting a brand new car,” Davidson said.

“Then we make sure before every customer leaves that they completely understand the benefits of the CPO vehicle from the warranty, maintenance package, OnStar, and XM radio,” he said. “Then we offer every CPO customer a 30 day exchange on top of the 3 day money back guarantee so every customer has peace-of-mind that they have gotten the perfect vehicle for them.”

Over at Bob King Buick-GMC in Wilmington, N.C. — which ranked 10th with 564 CPO sales in 2016 — Shawn Cottingham outlined via email the measures his store takes to ensure a high-quality CPO experience.

“When you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle from Bob King, you can expect a top-shelf experience. For beginners, we have been in business for 46 years and know what it takes to deliver a first-rate experience. We have the luxury of a 12,000-square-foot showroom dedicated to certified pre-owned vehicles,” said Cottingham, who is pre-owned sales manager at Bob King AutoMall.

“This gives our customers the comfort and convenience of being able to shop and take delivery in a climate controlled setting regardless of the weather. We take pride in our CPO program and make sure all of the paperwork, processes and policies are followed to the letter,” he said.

“We make sure all of our CPO vehicles have exceeded the factory specs required for certification and are clean, presentable and ready to drive at all times. Every customer that walks on our property is made to feel welcome, important and comfortable at the same time,” Cottingham continued.

“All customers’ situations are different, but each one is made to feel just as important as the last or next one. Our sales professionals are trained on the new and certified training paths and are kept up to date with the latest offerings via continuing education with GM. It is our duty to make every customer that comes on our lot feel they have our undivided attention and are the most important aspect of our jobs.”

The complete top 10 Buick-GMC dealers for CPO sales is below, with dealership name, city (in parenthesis) and 2016 certified unit sales.

See all automaker CPO rankings in the Feb. 15 issue of Auto Remarketing.

1. Kelley Buick GMC (Fort Wayne, Ind.): 855
2. Serra Buick GMC Cadillac (Washington Township, Mich.): 726
3. Sewell Buick GMC (Dallas): 668
4. Berge’s Buick GMC (Souderton, Pa.): 648
5. Jim Ellis Buick GMC Mall of Georgia (Buford, Ga.): 612
6. Woody Buick-GMC (Naperville, Ill.): 596
7. Beck & Masten Buick GMC (Houston):  577
8. Stoops Buick-GMC (Plainsfield, Ind.): 573
9. Andy Mohr Buick-Pontiac-GMC  (Fishers, Ind.): 570
10. Bob King Buick-GMC (Wilmington, N.C.): 564