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NARS 2016 ushers in ‘new era’ for recovery & remarketing


Feedback from recovery professionals who attended this year’s North American Repossessors Summit (NARS) highlighted how much the event was successful and demonstrated the ongoing improvement and evolution of the space.

Organizers of the event hosted by American Recovery Association indicated that the summit ushered in a “new era” for the recovery and remarketing industry. From a record-breaking attendance of nearly 600 attendees, including recovery and remarketing professionals and finance companies, to a wildly successful auction contributing $9,600 to the Recovery Agents Benefit Fund, organizers believe NARS has proven to be a “must attend” event.

“The new lender meetings were a tremendous benefit to both lenders and attendees,” said John Messiha, department manager repo operations at Capital One Auto Finance and one of Auto Remarketing’s inaugural group of Remarketing & Used-Car Industry’s 40 Under 40.

“There’s no better place to connect with talented recovery and remarketing professionals who would be a great asset to our teams,” Messiha added.

John Lewis elaborated about those points and more in a blog post published by masterQueue, which is powered by Intellaegis. Lewis is the president of Intellaegis and has served in moderator roles for the Re3 Conference at Used Car Week, as well.

 “There is a great deal of value and insight lenders can bring and gain,” and if (ARA consultant Les McCook) and his team continue to keep working on the agenda, educational topics, and networking opportunities between all forwarders, skip companies, repossessors (small and large) and all lenders who are pushing the work and managing these critical relationships, it’s a win for everyone,” Lewis wrote here.

“Additionally, we’re starting to see a larger impact in the industry by a variety of technology vendors, and when you put everyone together, great things can and are happening,” he continued. “Given the constant regulatory scrutiny, and especially in light of the tricky waters we all have to keep trying our best to navigate, events like this are critical and should be mandatory on every lenders calendar.”

NARS 2017 dates will be announced soon, ARA said.

The content at this year’s summit wasn’t just focused on skip-tracing and repossessing vehicles. The keynote address came from Vietnam veteran and four-time Super Bowl champ Rocky Bleier.

“Bleier brought the house down with his concluding presentation about perseverance and how the smallest to biggest things can help ensure you’re living out your purpose,” ARA said. “The football legend not only talked about success and what it takes to achieve it, but also brought the fruits of his labor for all to admire — his four Super Bowl rings.”

NADA fights ‘unintended consequences’ with DC efforts

TYSONS, Va.  - 

The unintended consequence.

That’s what Jeff Carlson, the 2016 chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association, said NADA is trying to prevent through its policy work in Washington, D.C.

The Colorado Ford and Subaru dealer said many of the federal government’s regulatory and policy moves related to the car business have good intentions, but could end up hurting consumers.

This plank of NADA’s platform was part of a wide-ranging emailed Q&A between Carlson and Auto Remarketing three weeks prior to the dealer associations annual convention.

“NADA’s policy engagement efforts all have a common theme — and that’s protecting consumers from the unintended consequences coming out of Washington, D.C., and informing other key stakeholders about the tried-and-true benefits of the dealer franchise system,” Carlson said when asked about NADA’s goals and focus for 2016.

“A major focus of NADA continues to be encouraging dealers to adopt the NADA/NAMAD/AIADA Fair Credit Compliance Program as the best way to address the issue of fair credit risk in auto financing,” he said.

“This voluntary compliance program was structured to reflect a program by the U.S. Department of Justice that fully addresses fair credit risk in auto lending, while preserving the dealer discounts that are the hallmark of competition and consumer savings in the marketplace,” Carlson said.

(More on Carlson’s chairmanship goals below)

Policymaking and regulatory issues were also a key point when Carlson addressed the biggest hurdles for dealers. Auto Remarketing asked him what he sees as the biggest challenges for franchised dealers in 2016, and how these might be used as opportunities.

“There are many federal regulatory issues today that could hurt our customers with higher costs. Whether it’s eliminating competition in the auto finance market or enacting an overly broad and counterproductive recall policy, there are a number of ideas emanating out of Washington, D.C. that, while well-intentioned, could result in negative unintended consequences,” Carlson said. “In these areas, NADA is working hard to protect consumer rights, consumer choice and consumer savings.

“Vehicle affordability must be a bedrock principle for national policymakers. Affordability expands consumer choice and drives consumer acceptance,” he said. “Consumer acceptance drives fleet turnover. And fleet turnover achieves the desired results of economic growth, improved fuel efficiency and safer vehicles on our roadways that we all want.”

What’s needed to fix recall process

Going back to one of Carlson’s policy points — that of vehicle recalls — it’s safe to say the auto industry has never seen anything like the current recall environment. Citing data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Carfax said in a recent analysis that more than 51 million recalls were issued in 2015, more than any year prior.

The same bit of analysis from Carfax, released in February and reported on by Auto Remarketing, says there were over 47 million vehicles in the United States that had at least one unrepaired safety recall, at the time of the report.

Numerous parties, be they government- or auto industry-based, have received criticism related to recalls, whether it’s their timeliness, execution or otherwise.

Suffice to say, the actual process and logistics behind the reporting, fixing and adjusting to recalls has arguably had its challenges.

Some, like AutoNation, have responded by not selling any vehicle under an open safety recall.

We asked Carlson what NADA plans to do to help make the recall process smoother for dealers.

“The nation’s franchised new-car dealers are the solution to completing safety recalls, and fully support achieving a 100-percent recall-completion rate. But we all have to remember that not every recall presents the same level of urgency to the driving public,” Carlson said.

“In fact, the vast majority of recalls are for minor compliance issues that present virtually no imminent safety risk to the driver, passenger or other drivers,” he said.

“So, why is it counterproductive from a safety standpoint to treat all recalls the same? Because studies show that prohibiting the sale of any used vehicle subject to any open recall, including the most minor of recalls, could drive down the value of trade-ins by literally thousands of dollars,” he said.

“And if we devalue trade-ins, we automatically give consumers an economic incentive to turn to private market sales, where evidence clearly shows that the recall completion rates plummet. Plus, when a consumer’s trade-in is devaluated, it becomes more expensive for that consumer to purchase a newer, safer car.

“So rather than adopting an overly broad recall policy that would be harmful to consumers and detrimental to goal of fixing recalls, a far better approach would be creating a system that properly differentiates truly dangerous recalls from minor ones,” Carlson said. “Dealers also support data-driven policies that empower consumers, including NHTSA’s public awareness campaign aimed at reminding cars owners that they may have a safety recall.”

Additional NADA goals

Beyond policy and regulatory issues, Carlson said NADA aims to continue giving dealers the training tools they need — through programs at NADA Academy, NADA University Online, NADA 20 Group and its annual convention — to adapt to changes in the car business.

NADA is also aiming to bring younger generations of dealers and dealership managers into the “grassroots legislative advocacy” process with their respective dealer associations.

For additional coverage of the NADA Convention & Expo, see Auto Remarketing's Special Convention Issue

How NHTSA is preparing for auto tech ‘revolution’


The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hosted a media conference call on Friday, outlining its current actions and future plans to prepare for the impending legislative needs of the United States in regards to future automated automobile technologies.

NHTSA’s communications director Gordon Trowbridge fielded many questions from journalists and industry analysts, including quite a few trying to get a better idea of when we can expect automated technologies, such as self-driving vehicles, to actually become a widespread reality. In short, Trowbridge made it clear that NHTSA’s role in the situation is to make sure it is prepared when such technologies do become widespread, not to decide when it actually happens.

The fact that the automotive and technology industries appear to be getting closer to making self-driving cars a reality in the next decade is evident, however, and NHTSA says it is taking several further actions to prepare.

One such action is to hold two separate public meetings in April to allow interested parties to come and provide feedback to NHTSA with their concerns and suggestions to help the federal body develop guidelines for the safe development of automated safety technologies.

The first will be held on April 8 in Washington, D.C.; the second will be held later in April at a yet-to-be-disclosed location in California, according to Trowbridge. He says that additional information for the California meeting, including the time, location and how the public can participate, will be released soon.

Trowbridge also said that NHTSA has engaged in a number of conversations with state legislations to get a dialogue rolling to keep the lines of communications open between state and federal governments on the topic of automated vehicle technologies. In terms of who will decide whether a vehicle’s automated technologies are safe, whether it be state or federal authorities, is still undefined.

In a release from NHTSA, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx commented on the organization’s goals in this situation.

“We are witnessing a revolution in auto technology that has the potential to save thousands of lives,” Foxx said. “In order to achieve that potential, we need to establish guidelines for manufacturers that clearly outline how we expect automated vehicles to function — not only safely, but more safely — on our roads.”

Establishing operational guidelines is just one of five of NHTSA’s initiatives that Foxx announced in January during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Here are the other four, as NHTSA listed in the release:

  • President Obama’s budget proposal for a 10-year, $3.9 billion investment in advancing autonomous vehicle technology, including large deployment pilots in communities around the country.
  • Working with states to develop model state policy.
  • Using NHTSA’s existing authority to interpret current regulations, and offer limited exemptions from those regulations, in pursuit of advances that could increase safety.
  • Determining what new regulatory tools and authorities might be required to meet NHTSA’s safety mission in an era of rapidly changing technology.

NHTSA also released its initial assessment of current Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to identify the key challenges ahead between now and the full deployment of automated vehicles.

The report, prepared by the USDOT’s Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, basically found that there are very few existing federal regulatory hurdles for the deployment of automated vehicles that feature traditional designs and equipment that accommodate a human driver, for example those containing traditional controls like a steering wheel, gas and brake pedals, etc. According to Trowbridge, the biggest challenge will be in the area for new automated vehicles designs that don’t feature such traditional designs.

NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind commented on the findings of the report in a release from the administration earlier today.

“The Volpe Center report is a great first look at current standards, and it highlights the need for the actions Secretary Foxx outlined in January,” Rosekind said. “It also shows there are few current restrictions on some automated vehicle concepts, which highlights the need to establish clear expectations for their safe operation. At the same time, for other vehicle designs, the agency has more work to do to ensure the safety of new innovations, and we look forward to learning more from stakeholders as we start that work.”

The full report from The Volpe Center can be accessed here.

Preview of upcoming auto conferences

CARY, N.C. - 

The 2016 NADA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas is just around the corner, and attendees would be smart to review what’s on the docket before they arrive for the huge event that has a full agenda.  

The NADA event is scheduled for March 31 through April 3 this year at the Las Vegas Convention Center — although some of the activities will take place off site, as indicated at

The event will kick off on Thursday, March 31 with registration starting at 9 a.m. On that first day, attendees will be privy to a presentation titled, “Connect with Car Buyers in a Mobile-First World,” as well as a series of concurrent workshops by NADA University Online.

And keep an eye out for workshops from The Exchange, which features roundtable discussions built on peer-to-peer learning. Thursday will also feature a workshop titled, “Stacking the Deck with Four Aces in “Your Used-Car Department,” which would be particularly relevant to dealers trying to grow used sales.

First thing Friday, the Expo Hall will open with a chance for attendees to check out the huge number on-site vendors, many of which are announcing new products at the event. There will also be a Dealer Franchise Meeting at 10:30 a.m. for Acura, Audi, FCA, Mazda and Nissan. The day’s schedule will end with the NADA Opening General Session, featuring Jeff Foxworthy, comedian and entertainer.

On Saturday, attendees might want to check out the workshop, titled, “Attract and Retain Top Employee Talent,” presented by Kathleen Korpita of Cox Automotive. And franchise meetings for the following groups will be held that day, as well: 8:30 a.m. for Buick-GMC and Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, MINI, Subaru and Volkswagen, and at 10:15 a.m. for BMW, Cadillac, Kia, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, smart and Volvo. The day will close with a NADA General Session, featuring Howard Dean, Karl Rove and Mike Allen of Politico.

Come the last day of the event, attendees are in for some exciting sessions, especially if they happen to be football fans. Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Super Bowl 50 winning team, the Denver Broncos, will give an inspirational talk at 9 a.m. on Sunday. A dealer franchise meeting will also be held for Hyundai, Infiniti, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Porsche and Toyota that day, which is on the schedule for 10:45 a.m. And make sure not to miss out on the 1 p.m. workshop on “Hacking in the Automotive Industry,” as protecting customer information on the Web has become more and more difficult. And at 2:30 the last workshop of the convention will focus on “The Future of Automotive Retail Sales and Your Dealership.”

There’s much more on tap for NADA, so for a full agenda and all the 411, check out

IARA-specific events at NAAA/CAR/IARA Conference

Meanwhile, next week is the NAAA/CAR Conference, which is also in Las Vegas. It includes a meeting of the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance, as well.

The IARA-specific material at the event  begins Tuesday with a day of IARA Certification testing, committee meetings and an IARA board of directors meeting to close the day.

Action on the next day (March 16) will begin with a State of the IARA Address from IARA president Jeannie Chiaromonte and IARA executive director Tony Long. 

That will be followed by the IARA Keynote Address from NAAA Hall-of-Famer Tony Moorby, titled “Back to the Future.”

Concurrent roundtable discussions will follow, and then repeat.

Those are titled:

— Navigating the Disruption Highway
— Making the Grade

After the morning sessions is the IARA Circle of Excellence Luncheon. The afternoon IARA sessions kick off with NAAA and IARA presenting the Ed Bobit Industry Icon Award.

Later that afternoon is a consignor-only group discussion and then a session on “First-Look: Centralized Automobile Data Repository System to Access Vehicle Build, Warranty, and Recall Data.”

There is also IARA certification testing from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on March 18.


NARS 2016 organizers highlight registration & exhibitor records

IRVING, Texas - 

Organizers for this year’s North American Repossessors Summit (NARS), an industry event hosted by American Recovery Association and Harding Brooks Insurance, recently announced that all exhibitor spots for its eighth annual event are sold.

The organizations indicated the high interest of exhibitors combined with record-high numbers of early bird registrants is setting up NARS 2016 to be the largest summit to date.

Since 2008, NARS has brought industry professionals from around the country to collaborate and network with other like-minded individuals. NARS 2016 will take place April 14 and 15 in Irving, Texas. The sports-themed event will feature keynote speaker, Rocky Bleier, former member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl champion and Vietnam veteran.

“We knew that we would garner a larger audience with the high-caliber speakers and sponsors that we have lined up for NARS 2016,” ARA president Jerry Wilson said. “We are euphoric with the hype that has been building within the industry for this year’s event. It’s truly going to be the best NARS ever.”

This year’s summit will have new attractions such as the DRN sponsored tailgate party, AT&T Stadium Tour and MVTRAC sponsored golf tournament held at the Cowboys Golf Club.

Between these new events and the Harding Brooks Insurance sponsored cocktail party, attendees will have plenty of opportunities to mingle and network with possible clients, vendors and lenders.

The NARS committee would also like to thank the other event sponsors, PRA Location Services, PAR North America, Recovery Manager Pro, Northern Star Management, Premier Adjusters, Dynamic Towing Equipment & Manufacturing and AGR Recovery Specialists for helping make NARS “the must-attend event of the year.”

Interested companies can still contribute to NARS 2016 by making a monetary donation to the speaker fund. All contributions will warrant signage and recognition during speaking events.

For more information, visit

Northwood, Cox Auto gear up for Interactive Dealer Summit

MIDLAND, Mich. - 

The Northwood University/Cox Automotive Interactive Dealer Summit is coming up Thursday at the university’s campus in Midland, Mich. 

The event designed for networking and to spark important discussion surrounding marketing and retailing trends in the industry. It’s scheduled for from 8:30 a.m. (ET) to 5 p.m. on Thursday in the university’s Griswold Communication Center. 

The summit is focused on “information sharing, best practices and networking among the university's faculty and students, presenting Cox Automotive executives and attendees from leading Michigan dealerships,” a news release on the event said. 

Some highlights of the day-long even include a Q&A session with Cox Automotive vice president of customer marketing Kevin Filan, a discussion which will focus on the concept of “positive disruption.”  

Cox Auto VP of global talent management and diversity and inclusion Kathleen Korpita will talk on attracting and retaining top talent. And the Cox Auto executive panel will include Jared Rowe, president, Cox Automotive Media; Janet Barnard, president, Manheim North America; Rock Anderson, senior vice president and chief people officer, Cox Automotive; and Brian Geitner, president, Cox Automotive Financial Services and NextGear Capital.

Also during the event, Northwood University president and chief executive officer Keith Pretty, senior VP Timothy Nash and Elgie Bright, who is chair of the automotive marketing and management degree program, will present a session on “The Northwood Idea” and introduce the university’s Dealer Workforce Study results. 

"The partnership between Northwood University and Cox Automotive represents a strong bond between two leaders in automotive marketing efforts," said Bright. 

"The Summit aims not only to educate and inform dealers about crucial industry trends and benchmarks, but it also provides dealers with the ability to meet Northwood University students in person. Our students are the industry's future workforce, and this event allows them to meet potential employers in person and make what we hope will be mutually beneficial connections,” Bright continued. 

The students will also play a role in the event. They will deliver the results of their practicum, Connected Car Study, and Cox Auto will honor its 2015-2016 scholarship recipients. 

The event will end with a networking reception hosted by Cox Auto University Relations. 

The event is designed as a three-way partnership between Northwood University, Cox Automotive, and dealers across Michigan. 

"We know the Northwood University students are capable of great things," said Jason Jager, director of industry relations, at Cox Automotive. "We witness it year-in and year-out with the amazing work they do at their student-run Northwood University International Auto Show each fall. We're eager to demonstrate our commitment to the automotive industry through this new Interactive Dealer Summit.”

New ServNet president introduces board of directors

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - 

ServNet Auction Group’s president Kevin Brown recently introduced the association’s board of directors.

Planning for a busy year ahead, the recently appointed Brown acknowledged the contributions of ServNet members past and present who are transitioning into new roles within the organization.

"It is an honor for me to serve as ServNet's president, and to work with some of the very best people in the auction industry who give tirelessly of their time and resources on behalf of our organization,” Brown said. “Their efforts ensure the continued success of ServNet as a whole as well as our individual auction members.”

Formerly the group’s president, Patty Stanley of both Carolina and Indiana Auto Auctions now serves as the chairman of the board. Ben Brasher, of Brasher’s Auctions, will serve as vice president, while Eric Autenrieth, of Indiana Auto Auction, is now the group’s treasurer.

Steve DeLuca, the general manager of Auto Auction of New England, and Rob Brasher, of Brasher’s Salt Lake Auto Auction, replace Bill Williams (Flint Auto Auction) as ServNet’s directors. Rob Thompson, of Mid-State Auto Auction, maintains his position on the board as a director.

DeLuca, named by Auto Remarketing as a member of 2015’s inaugural class of “Remarketing & Used-Car Industry’s 40 Under 40,” said, "It is an exciting opportunity to work in league with such a strong peer group on behalf of all the auctions in the ServNet group."

Growing up in the business, Rob Brasher looks forward to serving on ServNet’s board.

"As one of ServNet's founding members, Brasher's Salt Lake Auto Auction has enjoyed a long affiliation with the best independent auctions in the country," Brasher said. "As a member of the board of directors, I am looking forward to continuing the work started by my predecessors, ensuring that ServNet auctions offer an unmatched level of service to auto dealers, fleet and institutional accounts, and manufacturers across the country."

In addition to acknowledging the new board members, Brown also tipped his hat to others who have contributed to the board, including R. Charles Nichols, of BSC America, Bel Air Auto Auction and Tallahassee Auto Auction, who has served as a director, vice president, president and chairman of the board. Nichols now serves as a ServNet representative on the AutoIMS/AASC Board of Directors, along with Greg Mahugh, of the McConkey Auction Group, who assists on the AASC Finance Committee.

Doug Doll, of KCI Kansas City, will now serve as ServNet’s liaison to the IARA Board of Directors.

Brown also pointed to ServNet’s CEO Pierre Pons, and his team at TPC Management, to thank them for their support of the organization.

"Led by Pierre Pons, TPC Management has provided administrative support since 2008, and we look for that relationship to continue for a very long time," Brown said. "In facilitating leadership transitions as we move through two-year terms of office, TPC has enabled ServNet Auctions to flourish, commanding respect and prestige as a key voice and influence in the auction industry."

FTC workshop to examine how vehicles are sold


In light of a variety of new ways emerging to buy vehicles nowadays — not just through a dealership or private-party transaction — the Federal Trade Commission announced on Monday that it will host a one-day workshop.

FTC officials explained the event set for Jan. 19 is being designed to explore competition and related issues in the U.S. auto distribution system, including how consumers and businesses may be affected by state regulations and emerging trends in the industry. The event will take place in Washington, D.C., at the FTC’s Constitution Center Auditorium, starting at 9 a.m.

“The auto industry is a critical sector of the U.S. economy and one that is undergoing substantial technology-driven change,” FTC officials said. “It is currently subject to regulation at both the state and federal level.” 

The FTC pointed out that states, for example, regulate the relationship between manufacturers and dealers that sell vehicles to consumers, including dealer location, warranty reimbursement and direct-to-consumer sales.

The agency noted other state and federal regulations govern a variety of other aspects of auto operation and ownership, such as safety, insurance and licensing.

The January workshop will focus primarily on exploring the competition issues arising from state level regulation of auto distribution.  It also will explore emerging trends in the auto industry, such as car-sharing, connected cars and autonomous vehicles, with a focus on how those trends will affect the current regulatory system that governs the auto industry.

The workshop will be webcast live on the FTC’s website. Officials mentioned that individuals who want to attend in person advance registration is not required, but is strongly encouraged.

The agency added registration information, an agenda, directions to the FTC’s Constitution Center building and a list of speakers will be available in the near future on the event’s website.  

VW’s European CO2 issues addressed

WOLFSBURG, Germany - 

While Volkswagen has been facing NOx-emission-related issues in North America for its diesel vehicles, the company has also been handling a CO2-emission-related issue in Europe. Wednesday, the company says that issue is “largely concluded.”

Questions arose from the German government’s Federal Motor Transport Authority a month ago estimating that approximately 800,000 vehicles manufactured by VW’s various companies were under suspicion for producing higher levels of CO2 emissions and achieving lower fuel efficiency than originally posted.

Today, VW admits that the discrepancy was factual but that it only affects approximately 36,000 vehicles from nine model variants in Europe. They also reaffirm that no unlawful change has been made to the vehicles’ stated fuel consumption or their CO2 figures and that the handful of vehicles that were found with discrepancies will have their catalogues updated to reflect more accurate figures.

According to VW, the only deviations found in the figures for the nine model variants amount to a few grams of CO2 on average, and that the nine models account for only 0.5 percent of the volume of the VW brand. VW also says that none of the vehicles have misrepresented fuel economies.

VW plans to have all of the affected model variants remeasured by a neutral technical service under the supervision of the appropriate authority by Dec. 25.

To reiterate, this issue is contained to Europe and does not include products and services provided by Volkswagen Group of America or Volkswagen Canada or any of their North American affiliates.

In other VW news, VW AG will host a live press conference tomorrow morning to provide "information on the current status of the clarification process concerning the diesel issue and on the realignment of the group." Those in North America that are curious and early-to-rise can check out a live stream of the press conference at 4:20 a.m. EST here.

NAMAD, IHS reveal Diversity Volume Leadership Awards


The National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers and IHS Automotive have partnered together to create their first Diversity Volume Leadership Awards.

These awards will recognize makes and models that garner the highest new-vehicle volume registrations based on model year for the following consumer segments:

  • Ethnic consumers (consumers of African-American, Asian, Hispanic or Native American descent)
  • Women (of any ethnicity)
  • Ethnic millennials (new vehicle registrants aged 18-34)

The recipients of these awards will be determined based on IHS Automotive's new-vehicle registration data from the 2015 model year (registration volumes from October 2014 through September 2015).

IHS says this year’s awards are based on more than 13 million new-vehicle registrations.

"Ethnic buyers represented 28 percent of all U.S. new-vehicle registrations in 2015, and are one of the fastest growing audiences," said Marc Bland, vice president of diversity and inclusion at IHS Automotive. "In the past year, their volumes have grown 150 percent faster than the rest of the industry — and it's important to recognize their influence on vehicle purchases and honor the brands that dedicate resources to diversity efforts."

The Diversity Volume Leadership Awards will include the following categories, according to NAMAD:

2015 Diversity Volume Leadership Awards categories
Volume Leaders by Ethnic Consumer Group Ethnic Volume Leaders by IHS Automotive Regions Volume Leaders – Millennials and Women
Top Vehicle  African American Great Lakes Region Top Women's Vehicle
Top Vehicle  Hispanic Mideast Region Top Women's Luxury Vehicle
Top Vehicle  Asian Pacific

New England Region Top Ethnic Millennial 

Top Vehicle  Native American Plains Region  
Top Luxury Vehicle  African American Rocky Mountain Region  
Top Luxury Vehicle – Hispanic Southeast Region  
Top Luxury Vehicle – Asian Pacific Islander Southwest Region  
Top Luxury Vehicle – Native American Western Region  
Top Overall Ethnic Vehicle (Luxury or Non-Luxury)    

"This awards program will recognize the brands that the multicultural community is buying and also recognize manufacturers that are dedicating marketing efforts to this growing segment," said Damon Lester, NAMAD’s president.

The winners will be announced during the Diversity Volume Leadership Awards before the North American International Auto Show on Jan. 10.