3 steps to help BHPH dealers find true wisdom


Is there a “wisdom” app for my phone? What’s the relative value of intelligence and wisdom?

If there is anything that experience teaches, it is that wisdom has a far greater value than intelligence. Even Solomon prayed for wisdom knowing that intelligence alone would not achieve his goals. Every buy-here, pay-here dealer is confronted with the same reality.

Intelligence is knowing how to read. Wisdom is understanding what the words really mean.

Your brain is capable of learning how to think wisely. You may have heard the expression that if your only tool is a hammer, then every problem or opportunity requires a nail. Think about that a moment. If you only have one tool, the hammer, then your only solution to anything is a nail. The more tools we have the better solutions we find. (By the way the only difference between a problem and an opportunity is how you react.)

Here’s a simple brain tool that reaches the wisdom lever. I call it, “The Question Tool.” It’s very simple. It only takes a minute to learn. Once you have made it best friends with your “Habit Tool” it works all the time.

Step No 1: Ask your customers, friends, family, partner, banker, vendor; everyone in your life, “What’s really important?”

Step No. 2. Ask “Why?”

Step No. 3. Be silent verbally and mentally as you listen to the two most important questions you can ask. (You are not listening if you know what you are going to say in reply and are waiting for your turn to speak)

The result will be understanding, which is the cornerstone of wisdom.

When I make local speeches, I pass out simple business cards that have “The Question Tool” explained on them. Make some yourself. Pass them out to people you know.

Julian Codding is a member of the National Alliance of Buy-Here, Pay-Here Dealers Hall of Fame, possessing more than 40 years of industry experience. More about him can found at juliankcodding.com.