Dealer-Specific Features Offered in New Haystak Digital Platform

FORT MYERS, Fla.  - 

Dealers can edit the content of their websites anytime and track competitors, with the upcoming launch of a new dealer website platform announced Monday. 

Developed with the latest technological innovations, Haystak Digital Marketing said its all-new platform will integrate with the company’s entire suite of digital marketing products and services. Haystak plans to debut the platform at the upcoming National Automobile Dealer Association convention in New Orleans.

"The new website platform is a natural extension of Haystak's core strengths and services that will further increase the value of our digital marketing services and enable efficiencies for our dealers by fully integrating websites with all their digital marketing initiatives,” said Duncan Scarry, general manager and founder of Haystak Digital Marketing.

Dealer-specific features of the new platform, the company reported, include:       

  1. “Responsive” technology that automatically detects how shoppers access a dealership website offer navigation based on their particular device.
  2. Dealers’ choice of tested-template website designs or custom Haystak designs, with complete control of all aspects of the site, including design changes, updated content and web pages. 
  3. Integrated search engine optimization and advanced reporting, including multi-dimensional SEO content creation, advanced SEO reporting tools that track competitors' performance, and access to the Haystak search team, whose members are all Google and Bing certified.       
  4. Personalization of site content based on shoppers' behavior, to offer the most relevant content, and updates to dealership contact information and placements on all major online yellow pages.
  5. Comprehensive dashboard analytics, from basic to advanced depending on the dealership's needs, and performance data on digital marketing initiatives offered in an easy-to-read interface.               

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