Saab Automobile Parts North America Added to eBay Motors Seller Program

SAN JOSE, Calif. - 

Although new models no longer are being manufactured, eBay Motors recently added Saab Automobile Parts North America to its seller program so genuine parts, accessories, technical support and repair service will be available “for years to come,” according to site officials.

The site highlighted that the addition of SPNA continues to bolster eBay Motors’ continually growing parts and accessories business.

Through the SPNA eBay store, Saab owners have an option for genuine accessories, hard to find, and limited availability parts.

“Whether you’re searching for interior parts to a classic 1986 900 convertible, 1995 9000 suspension components, or side moldings for a newer 2011 9-5, the store will provide everything Saab owners need to keep their cars running and looking as the factory intended,” eBay Motors officials said.

And as SPNA chief executive officer Tim Colbeck told the eBay Motors Blog, “Our eBay partnership provides a great parts resource for those who own, repair and restore Saab vehicles.”

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