Colorado & Oregon now part of Reynolds’ F&I library

DAYTON, Ohio - 

Reynolds and Reynolds recently rolled out the availability of a comprehensive catalog of standardized, legally reviewed finance and insurance documents for franchised dealers in two more states — Oregon and Colorado.

The Reynolds LAW Oregon F&I Library contains a variety of resources to help franchised stores.

“Automobile retailers continue to face a number of business pressures in their stores," said Jerry Kirwan, senior vice president and general manager of Reynolds Document Services. “Among them are increased regulatory scrutiny, squeezed profit margins, and higher consumer expectations.

“We’ve developed the documents in the LAW Oregon F&I Library to help dealers face these pressures head on,” Kirwan continued. “They can help dealers minimize their compliance risk, streamline their F&I processes to boost the bottom line, and create a smoother, more rewarding car-buying experience for consumers.”

Kirwan added that dealers who use the standardized vehicle deal documents in the LAW Oregon F&I Library can achieve a more consistent and effective F&I process in every transaction, which can improve the effectiveness of the F&I manager as well as improve the car-buying experience for the customer.

In addition, the printed documents in the LAW Oregon F&I Library also are available in digital format, which helps facilitate the conversion to laser-printed transactions or e-contracting. Reynolds Document Services maintains licensing agreements with all major providers of electronic F&I solutions.

Reynolds' industry-leading forms specialists regularly review the documents in the LAW Oregon F&I Library for compliance with the latest regulations.

Meanwhile, similar resources now are available through the Reynolds LAW Colorado F&I Library.

“We are pleased to announce the availability of the LAW Colorado F&I Library,” Kirwan said. “This new suite of documents helps support a standardized, streamlined F&I process in the dealership and, in doing so, delivers several results to dealers.

“First, these documents help minimize the dealer's compliance risk. Second, they help improve the efficiency of the F&I manager. Finally, they help make the car-buying process smoother for consumers, which can enhance the consumer experience with the dealership,” he went on to say.

Kirwan added that the documents in the LAW Colorado F&I Library are regularly reviewed for compliance with the latest regulations. Reynolds’ forms specialists lead the review alongside Reynolds’ outside legal partners.

Now along with Oregon and Colorado, Reynolds has libraries for:

— Tennessee
— Maryland
— North Carolina
— Louisiana
— Alabama
— Massachusetts
— Ohio
— California
— Illinois
— Pennsylvania
— West Virginia
— Washington
— Virginia