Brasher’s Sacramento Starts Year Off with A ‘Bang’


It seems the new year bodes well for the lanes, as John Brasher reported a “very, very strong” sale from Brashers Sacramento Auto Auction this past Tuesday.

Brasher said, “We started the year off with a bang. The sale (Tuesday) was strong; the strongest it has been (in) probably six months.”

It seems dealer demand may be pushing strong sales, as Brasher noted “dealers came out, and they needed inventory.

“New-car dealers reported record sales through the end of the year, and they needed to replace their inventory. Used-car sales and new-car sales, both, were excellent through the end of the year,” Brasher said.

But this comes with a caveat. Brasher explained the one exception is the “low end” of used vehicles: five- to seven-year-old vehicles with 150,000 or more miles.

“These cars seemed to struggle a bit. But, its not quite tax season,” Brasher said, explaining sales for these units will most likely pick up as spring nears.

“But besides that, the aged inventory, the rentals, the lease returns and repos, those were all very, very strong,” he concluded.  

To view the Post-Sale Report, see below:


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