DAA of the Southwest Offers Dealers New Program to Help With Consignment Management


Just before the holidays, Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest rolled out 360 Service, an exclusive customer service program than can help dealers manage their auction consignment more effectively.

Auction vice president Jim DesRochers explained how it works.

“Our new 360 Service program creates a seamless information and communication stream for our consigning dealers,” he said. “It links the customer with the various auction departments through every step of the auction process, from pre-sale pickup to post-sale delivery, all on a 24/7 basis.

“It provides our customers with the information they need to prepare vehicles for auction sale and streamlines the movement of those vehicles through the various auction departments,” DesRochers said.

He went on to note that 360 Service begins when the auction’s sales representative contacts the consigning dealer regarding inventory targeted for sale at the facility.

The rep alerts all departments at the auction, including transportation, check-in and reconditioning. He or she begins the reporting process, providing the dealer with info on the vehicles.

After that, the transportation department at the auction replies to everyone on the distribution list to provide an estimated pick-up time.  Once the vehicle makes it to the auction, the check-in department provides an update. As for the sales rep, he or she gives a block summary and announcements for the consigning dealer to review.

Following the sale, there is a post-sale PDF block and reports on any vehicles in the Dealer Guarantee Center after PSI, as well as a cost estimate for transporting the vehicle back to the dealer's store and details on the following week’s sale.

“We recognize the role that our customers have played in our auction's growth over the past decade, and we know that providing superior service will pave the way for continued success moving forward,” said DesRochers. “Our 360 Service program sets a new benchmark that will set DAASW apart from the competition for many years to come.”

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