KCI Upgrades Technology as Auction Aims to Include Condition Reports & Photos with Every Car


Technology is impacting the auction world in a big way, and KCI Kansas City shared how it is adapting its amenities to help dealers take advantage of growing innovation.

The auction recently added photo booths to its auction bays and recondition facility, and it also brought in printed labels for vehicle check-in.

Thanks to the photo booth, high-quality pictures of the consigned vehicles at the auction can now be seen online.

Meanwhile, the vehicle labels allow dealers to scan the VIN of a car with their smartphone or other mobile device.

The auction is also getting ready to install dealer kiosks and offer full condition reports on every consigned unit. KCI intends on having the upgrades finished by the end of July.

“Staying on the forefront of technology is a must in the auto auction industry,” said Doug Doll, co-owner of KCI Kansas City. “We need to make improvements not only to better serve our customers but to stay ahead in our ever changing industry.”

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