Manheim PA Opens Doors to Global Ambassadors


Manheim Pennsylvania played host to potential global partners, as dignitaries from five countries visited the auction on Friday.

Fourteen international ambassadors and dignitaries representing Mongolia, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Ukraine and Lithuania toured the Manheim Pennsylvania facilities, to learn about the remarketing business and meet with local leaders.

As one of the largest employers in his district, the visit was initiated by U.S. Rep. Joe Pitts of Pennsylvania, Manheim officials reported, in the interest of global business opportunities.

“It was great to bring ambassadors to Lancaster and show them a company that created a business model that has spread worldwide,” said Pitts. “I believe they were very impressed with the operations at Manheim and will relay this experience back to their fellow countrymen. The employees at Manheim were great hosts.”

During their visit, the ambassadors got a behind-the-scenes look at how the auction readies vehicles for the sale, Manheim officials said, and had the opportunity to ask questions about Manheim and to meet with local leaders over lunch. The visitors also had front row seats to Manheim’s biggest weekly vehicle sale. 

“It was truly an honor to host Congressman Pitts, the ambassadors and the diplomatic colleagues at Manheim Pennsylvania,” said Tim Van Dam, MVP and general manager. 

“Our team did a great job preparing for this exciting visit, which included a tour of the reconditioning building, water conservation center, body shop and sale lanes, and of course lunch at our world-class restaurant,” Van Dam said. “We not only made some new friends, we also saw opportunities to partner globally in the future.”  

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