ServNet Announces Partnership with AutoIMS to Provide Collective Analytics

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - 

ServNet has struck a deal with AutoIMS to provide collective analytics using data contributed by the auction group’s members throughout the U.S. And not only will this help each of the 32 ServNet auctions throughout the country, it is designed to benefit remarketers, as well.

This news was announced this month by R. Charles Nichols, the president of ServNet and BSC America Auctions in Tallahassee, Fla., and Bel Air, Md.

“Analytics and statistical reporting are important resources used in developing comprehensive remarketing programs, and we are pleased to report that ServNet has added to its arsenal a sophisticated new tool that measures business performance,” Nichols said.

"Our agreement with AutoIMS allows ServNet to access the building blocks of a strong analytics package that our clients are requesting,” he continued. “While each auction can access this data on an individual basis, the new structure allows us to provide data on a consolidated basis for all of the 32 ServNet auctions.”

ServNet vice president Patty Stanley, who is also the owner of Carolina Auto Auction and Indiana Auto Auction, added: “Analytics is becoming the next major battleground in the competitive landscape for our industry. It is critical that ServNet Auctions be ahead of the curve, and using AutoIMS as our base makes the most sense.”

As far as how it helps remarketers, Nichols said the AutoIMS data gives ServNet a way to aid them in determining both national and regional sales patterns. The partnership also allows ServNet to offer remarketers comprehensive analytical reporting, as the auction group draws in on the data available from its members.

“With ServNet's national footprint and the full participation of our member auctions, we will be able to offer our customers market data and comprehensive analytics for all regions, coast to coast,” Nichols said. “These reports will demonstrate the benefits of working ServNet auctions, gauging performance strength on both a regional and national basis.”

Keely Smith, director of business development for AutoIMS, added: “We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the ServNet Auction Group. We are looking forward to working with ServNet to provide targeted analytics. Through dialogue and discussion, we will continue to uncover new methods of reporting that will both attract new business for the group as well as cement proven relationships.”

Nichols also noted: “With the data provided by AutoIMS, we can prepare reports demonstrating that ServNet auctions bring the strongest possible buying power to the auction lane, in all areas of the country.”

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