Auto Remarketing Canada Staff

AutoCanada Inc. announced this week it has obtained approval from Chrysler Canada to purchase the operating assets and real estate of Eastern Chrysler Plymouth Inc., which owns and operates a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The 66-year-old dealership, now part of the AutoCanada dealership... Read More

A Buy-Here, Pay-Here Resurgence

Sarah Rubenoff, Auto Remarketing Canada Editor

With what has become a slow economic recovery for Canada as many consumers continue to suffer financial setbacks, the buy-here, pay-here automotive market is experiencing a resurgence of sorts.   Mark Dubois, director and moderator of Buy Here Pay Here Performance Groups at Performance Inc., told Auto... Read More

Sarah Rubenoff, Auto Remarketing Canada Editor

In any sales environment — dealerships included — some botched leads will leave a salesperson scratching his or her head and pondering: What went wrong? In a recent partnership with Hyundai Auto Canada Corp., Martiz Research tried to solve this very question and more, looking into the concept that just... Read More