Canadian CPO car sales continue climb

Joe Overby, Senior Editor

The certified pre-owned car market in Canada was a strong one in the first half of the year. The majority of automakers sharing CPO sales results with Auto Remarketing Canada have reported improvements from a year ago. Starting with Toyota Canada, it sold 3,006 CPO units in June, up from 2,402 a year ago. Toyota... Read More

Q&A with Alan Bird of SCI Marketview

Auto Remarketing Canada Staff

At the Auto Remarketing Canada Conference earlier this spring, SCI Marketview president and chief executive leader Alan Bird was recognized as the 2017 Executive of the Year, an award presented by Canadian Black Book. Prior to the conference, Conrad Galambos in Canadian Black Book media relations put together a Q&A... Read More

Leanne Kripp, Kijiji

Remember “there’s an app for that?” It was the marketing slogan for one of the earlier generation models of the iPhone. For today’s dealers, facing the dizzying array of product marketing solutions being pitched from all corners, it might feel like there’s an endless loop of that old slogan... Read More

Chris Hart-Williams, Staff Writer

Scott Davidson, president of Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, Ontario, says he is passing the torch to the next generation of owners. In May, Davidson’s sons Jason Davidson and Justin Davidson, along with Bill Watson, have transitioned into owner partners of the dealership. When asked to name the top challenges... Read More

Auto Remarketing Canada Staff

RVI Group’s Risk Outlook for June found that real used-vehicle prices in Canada decreased in May on a year-over-year basis. Analysts place the exact downward movement at just 0.4 percent. When compared to April, the May softening was a bit more notable, as RVI Group pinpointed the dip at 1.5 percent. Among... Read More

Chris Hart-Williams, Staff Writer

Lionel Wardrop, the general manager of Budget Car Sales in Vancouver, says looking at the market through a customer's eyes is fundamental to his dealership’s success. At Budget Car Sales, using live market pricing is how Wardrop said he ensures that each deal is first-rate. “We use software to check... Read More

Auto Remarketing Canada Staff

Kijiji’s DealerTalk conferences are currently accepting speaker proposals for their fall lineup of events, which include stops in Montreal, Calgary and Toronto. The company has lined up the primary keynote speakers for each conference, but aims to add workshop presenters and a second keynote at each of those three... Read More

Auto Remarketing Staff

Porsche Cars Canada recently opened Pfaff Porsche, its second Certified Porsche Classic Partner. Pfaff Porsche sells Porsche Classic models as well as genuine parts and service for those models. It is also the seventh in North America, according to Porsche Cars... Read More