Sparkling City San Antonio Sees Record Anniversary Sale


Celebrating its first year of business, Sparkling City Auto Auction of San Antonio recently held its first anniversary sale, where the auction achieved a record for consignment.

“We are thrilled to report that our San Antonio auction held the largest sale in Sparkling City's 22-year history,” stated auction general manager Ashley Dietze.

“The old record, held by Sparkling City of Corpus Christi, was 400 cars consigned. We consigned 725 and sold 450 at our anniversary sale in San Antonio. It was exciting from start to finish," Dietze added.

About 380 dealers attended the sale, which featured units from Automotive Remarketing Inc., CitiFinancial Remarketing and Santander Consumer USA.

The event included prize giveaways as part of Santander’s “7-Day/7 Areas Certification Program” promotion. The giveaways included seven gas grills, seven jump boxes, seven jackets, seven gas cards, seven Bass Pro Shop gift cards, seven steakhouse gift cards and cash (seven $100 bills).

Wade and Patty Walker own the auction, which is managed by their daughter (Dietz) and her husband Weldon Dietze.

“The sale was a huge accomplishment for our entire staff, which included everyone here in San Antonio and the team in Corpus Christi as well," said Dietze.

"My brother, Ace Walker, who manages the Corpus Christ location, was here in San Antonio helping us get everything ready for the anniversary sale, and my father, Wade was overseeing the laying of the asphalt that was added to make room for all the extra cars. It was a family effort in every way,” she added.



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