Brand Rankings: How Many Miles Until Worthless?

Toyota topped the list, as the study showed this brands’ vehicles can be driven 210,705 miles before considered “worthless,” MojoMotors said.

NEW YORK - took a different approach to gauging vehicles’ reliability — looking at how much mileage could accumulate before a car becomes valueless.

Although just because a car has lost all of its residual value doesn’t mean it won’t keep on running, MojoMotors pointed out “less reliable brands will lose value quicker since they have a greater chance of breaking down with fewer miles on the odometer.”

MojoMotors execs  Max Katsarelas, marketing and product manager; and Michael Milsten, business intelligence manager, wrote on the company's recent brand reliablity study in a blog post that can be found by clicking here.

The company analyzed more than 500,000 cars, model years 1995 to 2014, listed for sale on to determine the average selling price depending on a vehicle’s mileage.

“Using a linear regression model, we were able to calculate the dollars of value lost as mileage increased and ultimately, the number of miles until a car lost all value,” the blog post explained.

Toyota topped the list, as the study showed this brands’ vehicles can be driven 210,705 miles before considered “worthless,” MojoMotors said.

“The public perceives Toyota as one of the most reliable automakers and our study concurs with this perception. While Toyota might not build the most eye-catching cars, they are certainly reliable and efficient,” the blog post read.

Coming in at No. 2 was Honda, with a 209,001 limit. Analysts explained much of Honda’s success lies in its versatility.

“While Dodge and Chevrolet excel at the big trucks, Honda excels at pretty much everything. Look at the ‘miles until worthless’ stat because Honda and Toyota boast a 10,000 mile lead over Ford,” Katsarelas and Milsten wrote.

The domestics were up next, with Ford coming in at No. 3. According to MojoMotors, this brands’ vehicles can run 198,409 miles until considered valueless. The site shared much like Honda, Ford’s ability to make good cars and trucks pushes its popularity.

Chevrolet (195,754) and Dodge (198,266) also made it into the top 5. Recalls aside, “The last few generations of automobiles built by Chevrolet are their best ever. Especially Chevy pickups, SUVs and crossovers, says MojoMotors.

For Dodge, the site shared much of the  reason this brand made the list is thanks to strong retention for Ram pickups.

Rounding out the top 10 most reliable brands, according to MojoMotors, is Nissan (195,593 miles), Subaru (189,370), GMC (188,584 miles), Acura (178,947 miles) and Mazda (177,729 miles).