EXCLUSIVE: Luxury Units & SUVs Difficult to Find in Late 2013


As 2013 wrapped up, certified pre-owned luxury units remained scarce across the country. And increasingly cold weather seems to have ramped up demand for some larger models, as well.

According to the latest installment of vehicle scarcity data that is provided monthly to Auto Remarketing by AutoTrader.com, Porsche holds the top three national spots on the list of scarcest models for November in the CPO market: the Cayman, Cayenne and Boxter, respectively.

And the Cayman is also the scarcest vehicle in four out of 10 designated market areas for certified pre-owned vehicles, as well (Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose).

Additionally, AutoTrader pointed out that certain SUVs also proved hard to find in November. For example, Toyota SUVs proved particularly scarce, with one model landing on the national scarcity list and several models appearing across the DMAs for both CPO and used.

The Toyota Land Cruiser was one SUV from the Japanese automaker that was scarce in November, with the used and CPO models being elusive enough across the nation to rank in the respective scarcity lists, according to the AutoTrader analysis.

The CPO model ranked at No. 7 nationally, and the used model ranked at No. 8 nationally. Interestingly, the Land Cruiser was not on either national list in October. Additionally, the CPO model ranked at No. 6 in New York (it was not on list in that DMA in October).

Another vehicle from Toyota, the Sequoia, was scarce in the certified market within four DMAs.

In November, it landed at No. 3 in Atlanta (it was not on the list in that DMA in October), No. 5 in Dallas–Ft. Worth (same ranking as in October), No. 9 in Boston (down one spot from October) and No. 9 in Chicago (it was not on the list in that DMA in October).

The used Sequoia was also scarce in Chicago, landing at No. 8 (it was not on the list in that DMA in October).

Not surprisingly (since it is  no longer produced), the Toyota FJ Cruiser also made an appearance on the lists in November.

The CPO Toyota FJ Cruiser was scarce in two DMAS, coming in at No. 7 in Boston (down one spot from October) and No. 7 in Washington, D.C. (it was not on the list in that DMA in October).

The used FJ Cruiser was also scarce in D.C., coming in at No. 5 (it was also not on the list in that DMA in October).

The used model was also scarce in San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, where it ranked down three spots from October, landing at No. 9 in November. The complete charts can be viewed below:


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