LONDON, Ontario -

AutoVerify is looking to assist dealerships that have vehicles in inventory already equipped with satellite radio make those units more appealing to potential buyers.

This week, the marketing firm powered by Mobials launched AutoVerify Spotlight, a new product aimed to help dealers improve their digital merchandising efforts.

With five more components to come, the first feature stems from a new partnership between AutoVerify and SiriusXM that can help dealers highlight the unique features of vehicles in their inventory, including SiriusXM’s availability and trial term offered with the vehicle.

AutoVerify Spotlight automatically can integrate with a dealer’s AutoVerify tools and highlights extra information that consumers want to know about a vehicle. In its current form, Spotlight showcases SiriusXM on store VDPs.

AutoVerify pointed out that consumers do not always know if a vehicle comes with a free trial subscription to SiriusXM until they speak directly with a dealer. This new Spotlight makes it clear to at-home shoppers which vehicles are equipped for SiriusXM and therefore eligible for a trial subscription, as well as the length of that trial.

By adding this to the vehicle descriptions on dealer websites, AutoVerify explained that it is providing its dealer customers with another way to simplify the remote pre-purchase research process.

Not only does this Spotlight potentially improve the vehicle-shopping journey for consumers, AutoVerify noted that it can also can add value to the vehicle purchase by giving consumers access to SiriusXM’s 140+ channels of ad-free music, comedy, sports, news, talk and entertainment.

Plus, consumers can use their trial on the go or at home by streaming through the SiriusXM App.

“We’re excited about our new partnership with AutoVerify and the ability to make it even easier for car buyers to start experiencing SiriusXM,” said Mike Mazgay, vice president of automotive remarketing and dealer operations at SiriusXM Canada.

“Knowing about our free trial is the first step and Spotlight allows us to make that happen, giving customers access to all of our unparalleled audio entertainment,” Mazgay continued.

AutoVerify president Marty Meadows added, “Everybody wins with this partnership. The car buyer gets instant access to information and the dealer generates high quality leads.

“And the best part? Spotlight is free for all new and used automotive dealerships,” Meadows went on to say.

AutoVerify highlighted that additional Spotlights will be introduced over the next few months, including:

● Warranty and insurance

● Vehicle features (safety, entertainment)

● Vehicle highlights (good value, low mileage)

● Vehicle awards and ratings

● OEM rebates and incentives

AutoVerify’s suite of digital retailing tools is designed to generate highly converting leads by answering the questions potential buyers ask during their pre-purchase research.

By giving customers information about their trade-in value, insurance prices, credit profile, payment options and allowing them to apply for financing online, dealers can better support Canadian consumers as they spend more time researching from home.

Existing customers will automatically receive this free product and can opt-out at any time. New customers looking to access AutoVerify Spotlight feature are encouraged to go to