CARY, N.C. -

The certified pre-owned vehicle market in Canada looked promising yet again.  Here’s a rundown of how CPO sales fared in the first half:

Hyundai has sold 5,096 certified vehicles so far this year, compared to 4,553 in the first half of 2018.

The second quarter was particularly strong, with sales climbing 29% and reaching 3,057 units.

“Hyundai CPO sales have been very strong in 2019 with an increase of 12% vs 2018.  The second quarter has been especially promising where we have seen a 29% increase year over year,” said Charles Plewes, who is the manager of CPO and remarketing, national sales, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

“An increase in off-lease supply has alleviated a shortage in product we experienced in the second half of last year and the early part of 2019,” he said. “Dealers are becoming more engaged in the H-Promise CPO program every day.  They see the value inherent in the program and can easily demonstrate this to customers.”

Over at Kia, first-half sales were at 1,737, up from 1,488 a year ago.  In June, Kia sold 260 CPO units, down from 277 in the same month of 2018.

Next up, Mercedes-Benz moved 6,882 certified vehicles in the first half, compared to 6,917 a year ago. In June, sales climbed from 1,262 to 1,284.

Honda had 10,040 CPO sales in the first half, compared to 7,381 units a year ago.  It had 1,944 CPO sales in June.

Acura moved 2,670 certified vehicles in the first six months of the year, more than doubling the year-ago figures of 1,292. It sold 553 CPO units in June of this year.

Subaru increased its CPO sales nearly 40% in the first half, selling 1,935 vehicles.

It had a run of 13 straight months of setting CPO records, which ended in June – missing another record by two vehicles, the automaker said. Subaru sold 334 certified vehicles for the month.

Next up, Lexus reported first-half sales of 2,490 vehicles, compared to 2,537 last year.

It had 359 CPO sales in June, compared to 539 in June 2018. 

Toyota sold 17,514 in the first half, compared to 18,078 a year ago. In June, it moved 2,431 units, versus 3,444 a year ago.

Nissan sold 7,696 certified vehicles in the first half, up from 4,234 in the first six months of 2018.

Its 1,345 CPO sales in June were up from 720 in June 2018.

Infiniti’s first-half sales climbed from 553 a year ago to 962 this year.  In June, it moved 173 vehicles, versus 93 last June.