Canadian Black Book has launched a new product that aims to make it easier for automotive professionals to drill down and benefit from retail market data.

CBB said Pulse is a visualization tool whose capabilities can help dealers, fleet managers and others “power their business-critical decisions” about acquisitions and inventory.

CBB said the tool can be particularly useful to OEMs, dealer groups, lenders and others in the industry, helping them “maximize their profits while minimizing their risk.”

Kyle Luck, senior vice president of product and technology at Black Book, said in a press release, “Pulse is an industry-leading tool that can be used without any internal development. It’s never been easier to access detailed retail market insights that drive decision making.”

Here’s how it works: Pulse users can create segments from their own portfolio or by starting with a big-picture view of the retail market. Segments can then be filtered by vehicle, dealer or geographic attributes, CBB said. KPIs are tracked such as daily vehicle volume, average listing mileage, and days on market to provide further insight into specific segments.

Pulse provides users with the ability to create segments from their own portfolio or by starting with a holistic view of the retail market. Segments can be filtered by vehicle, dealer, or geographic attributes. KPIs such as Daily Vehicle Volume, Average Listing Mileage, and Days on Market are then layered to provide insight into each specific segment.

“Pulse is another example of Canadian Black Book’s commitment to providing the automotive industry with the tools they need to empower their business decisions,” said Yolanda Biswah, president of Canadian Black Book. “We are excited to officially introduce it to the market.”