Carebeeza, a Canadian software company focused on the auto industry, has debuted a new lead enhancement tool in Canada and the U.S. called UltraLead.

Artificial intelligence is the name of the game for UltraLead, which utilizes proprietary AI to ramp up basic leads using more accurate qualifying information.

The new platform is an application service “that streamlines the lead pipeline for auto dealers,” Carbeeza said in a news release.

The lead enhancement tool has the potential to cut down on time spent leading customers through extensive interviews, or using guesswork to decide what services may be attractive to this client. UltraLead works to provide dealers with insight into their lead’s financial profile, potentially leading to higher lead accuracy.

For interested dealers, the company is offering a two-week free trial period, during which dealers can integrate UltraLead into their existing incoming lead pipeline. After the 14-day trial, the dealers have the option to sign up for a subscription service.

“UltraLead will be a game changer for dealers by making the sales process more efficient and streamlined,” Carbeeza CEO Sandro Torrieri  said in a news release.

Carbeeza is relatively new to automotive, having launched its software platform for the auto marketplace in 2021. Carbeeza went public on TSX Venture Exchange in 2022.