CDK is bringing a whole new experience to Canada.

The automotive retail software provider announced the Canadian launch of the CDK Dealership Xperience, an open and integrated platform that the company said “transforms how dealers sell and service cars and operate their businesses simply in a modern and digital world.”

The platform is designed to provide a foundation of built-in functionality that unifies workflows at the dealership into a single experience, which CDK said results in “increased employee proficiency and elevated consumer experiences.”

The CDK Dealership Xperience was launched in the U.S. in August. The company said more than 700 dealers have signed up for the platform since then.

“We’re excited to offer our Canadian automotive retailer partners a powerful solution that integrates workflows across all areas of the dealership,” CDK president and CEO Brian M acDonald said,“providing the opportunities to successfully adapt and thrive alongside rapidly changing consumer expectations while fundamentally changing and simplifying how their dealerships operate.”

The CDK Dealership Xperience platform is centered on the Foundations Suite, which extends the ability for Canadian dealers to operate their entire business on one platform while increasing control over the consumer’s retail journey digitally from start to finish. It includes:

  • CDK’s DMS technology paired with digital retailing and a desking tool designed to shorten the deal process for dealers and consumers.
  • Accounting capabilities, digital document archiving and AI-assisted business management.
  • Online service scheduling, digital service recommendations and receiving with parts scanning designed to maximize efficiency in fixed operations.

The Foundations Suite integrates with three other new CDK products — the Modern Retail Suite, the Fixed Operations Suite and the Intelligence Suite — which the company said will expand dealers’ business potential and accelerate performance.

The CDK Dealership Xperience is available throughout Canada for new and existing customers. CDK is providing the Foundations Suite to its existing DMS customers with free implementation at the time of contract renewal.

“With the CDK Dealership Xperience, we’re leveraging our depth of experience and unique ability to deliver solutions at scale to ensure all Canadian dealers are equipped to handle the needs of the changing automotive retail landscape,” MacDonald said. “We believe in the value and impact dealers have on our industry every day, and we’re proud to continue investing in their success.”