The Dilawri Group is leveraging technology in an effort to have a single tool to manage, develop and grow their employees.

The group operating 72 franchises and employing more than 4,000 individuals recently chose HR4 as its exclusive HR and employee engagement software partner.

According to a news release, Dilawri is on a mission to heighten its employee experience in order to attract, retain and grow their team.

“We have always focused on creating a culture that puts people first — our employees, our customers, and our community,” co-principal director Kap Dilawri said.

“In order to deliver on this philosophy, we continue to implement progressive solutions to provide the right processes, habits, and culture that fosters connectivity and innovation for our employees,” Dilawri continued. “We are excited to partner with HR4 and take our human resources to the next level.”

HR4 founder and chief executive officer Heather Macpherson added, “Working with Dilawri is a testament to HR4 and our team’s ability to deliver high-quality service and software to Canada’s largest automotive group. We are thrilled to call them our partner.”