Experts say toll violations represent the largest portion of violation spend for fleets. For fleets with vehicles in Canada, managing tolls and violations can be a large administrative undertaking.

Donlen recently expanded its comprehensive toll management solution, DonlenPass, to include coverage in Canada on the 407 ETR in Ontario.

DonlenPass can give fleet professionals control and visibility over their fleet’s tolls. The program can allow fleets to easily enroll with flexible self-manage options, control costs through detailed vehicle-level transaction visibility, and manage one program that consolidates multiple toll accounts.

“DonlenPass has been a valuable program helping our customers manage toll spend while eliminating the administrative burden of establishing and maintaining toll accounts. We are very happy to be expanding our toll coverage with the addition of the 407 ETR in Ontario,” said Kimberly Howard, licensing services manager at Donlen.

Canada’s 407 ETR is an all-electronic tollway with no option for drivers to manually pay for tolls. Fleet drivers without transponders are invoiced for video tolling at a higher rate.

For fleet professionals, managing tolls in Canada can mean waiting for a paper invoice to arrive in the mail. For many fleets looking for proactive toll management in Canada, account setup with the 407 ETR has been a time-consuming administrative process.

“The 407 ETR invoicing and account setup processes have been a challenge for fleets operating on these all-electronic toll roads. With DonlenPass, we can easily enroll fleet vehicles and issue 407 ETR transponders,” Howard said in a news release. “This is an opportunity for U.S. and Canadian fleets alike to simplify the toll process and take advantage of our expanded coverage area and expanded savings opportunities.”

DonlenPass with coverage in Canada is currently available for the all-electronic 407 ETR in Ontario.

In addition to coverage in Canada, fleet drivers can also request transponders for use in the U.S. Program coverage includes plate-based coverage through a majority of U.S. toll authorities, simplifying and streamlining toll management for fleet professionals.

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