Ford Motor Co. of Canada is taking the time to honor its top-performing auction partners. The automaker recently announced the recipients of the 2015 Auction Quality Award and the 2015 Reconditioning Excellence Award.

The Auction Quality program is designed to assess and evaluate the service provided at each Ford sponsored auction facility. The program encourages the auctions to provide a high-level of service as it relates to the standards and metrics established by Ford of Canada. All ADESA Canada auction locations, as well as two Manheim Canada auctions (Manheim Toronto and Montreal) participated in the 2015 program.

The Ford Auction Quality Awards are given in recognition of the facilities’ outstanding contribution to auction quality excellence. Performance is measured by evaluating operational processes coupled with measuring satisfaction scores from Ford of Canada dealers across Canada.

Auctions are divided in two categories to compete for the Auction Quality and Reconditioning Excellence Awards. Group A includes larger auctions, while Group B includes smaller auctions that host Ford-sponsored sales.

Ford of Canada has compiled the results from 2015 and announced the below recipients of the 2015 Auction Quality Award and Reconditioning Excellence Award.

The 2015 Auction Quality Award winners are:

Group A:  ADESA Montreal, with an overall score of 9.02 on a 10-point scale

Group B:  ADESA Quebec City, with an overall score of 9.00 on a 10-point scale

Ford of Canada congratulated the leaders of the winning auctions on a fantastic year. ADESA Montreal is led by Simon Robitaille; ADESA Quebec City by Daniel Demers.

The recipient of the 2015 Reconditioning Excellence Award is the facility that achieved the highest satisfaction rating in the area of automobile reconditioning from Ford of Canada Dealers over the course of 2015.

The winner of the 2015 Reconditioning Excellence Award is:

ADESA Halifax, with an overall score of 5.00 on a 5-point scale

Ford of Canada recognized and further applauded the continued efforts of both ADESA Quebec City and ADESA Halifax by honouring them with their 2nd  and 5th consecutive award wins, respectively.

“We thank our Ford Sponsored Auction partners, from both ADESA and Manheim, for their continued commitment of delivering exceptional services. Their contribution has been instrumental in ensuring that we continue to offer our customers an impressive selection of high quality, pre-owned vehicles,” concluded Doug Collis, Ford of Canada’s remarketing sales manager.