PASADENA, Calif. -

eCommerce and digital marketing company Fox Dealer now offers GM Canada dealers a live text and video chat product through General Motors Dealer Digital Solution program.

The product is called Fox Chat, and instead of forcing the use of a separate app, it uses the dealer's native technology on its sales team’s phones and computers.

That empowers the dealer and sales staff to use the service immediately, Fox Dealer said.

With the all-in-one tool, sales representatives can participate in a seamless conversation with their customers.

That can include chatting about options via text, co-browsing the inventory using screenshare; vehicle walk-arounds with live video, or taking a first look at the customer’s trade-in.

The customer will get the attention he or she deserves without delay, and the salesperson can help the customer make a faster transition from browsing to buying.

Saying that GM Canada Dealer Digital Solution vendors must offer top technologies designed to help sell more vehicles, service and accessories, Fox Dealer said Fox Chat is a proven platform recognized as a GM Dealer Digital Chat partner.

Fox Chat is one product in Fox Dealer’s “mobile first” approach to eCommerce and digital marketing design for U.S. and Canadian dealers.