With every new year comes new developments in advertising opportunities for dealerships.

Dealers have been following this evolution for years. First, it was the Web; then came mobile.

And in 2014, there is even more to consider, including the vast changes Google made to its search algorithm in 2013.

Many dealers are trying to decipher what these changes mean for their SEO and SEM efforts.

Though the changes in the Google algorithm may be daunting when trying to figure out how they affect your dealership’s search engine efforts, it isn’t all bad news.

In fact, Kevin Gordon, managing partner at Convertus, says it is one of the new year’s biggest marketing and advertising opportunities for dealers.


Gordon explained that Google is turning the focus back on website quality.

“Google made some of the largest changes to their search algorithm in the company’s history in 2013. SEO has been changed forever as the amount of available search-term related data has diminished greatly,” Gordon said. “With keyword data limited, Google is aiming to shift the focus on to building high quality website content.”

Google is changing the game — or perhaps making SEO and SEM less of a game.

Now, the focus is on website content.

Gordon says the goal of a great dealership website should be to provide people with an “incredible user experience,” which in turn will lead to more leads generated.

“Ensuring your website loads quickly, and is highly intuitive, are two great places to start. An abundance of flashy buttons and four floating chat windows does not make for a great experience; it leads to sensory overload!” Gordon said.

Cathie Clarke, principle at Automotive Insider Consulting, went so far as to say that this year, a dealership website should be first and foremost on the mind.

Editor's Note: For more on why website quality is becoming even more important as well as other marketing and advertising tips and tools, keep an eye out for the January/February issue of Auto Remarketing Canada Digital Magazine set to go live early next week. This issue includes a special section on "Marketing and Advertising Your Brand in the New Year".