Seeing a clear increase in online transactions, HGregoire Automotive Group has extended the length of its satisfaction-guaranteed, money-back program.

The extension is from three to seven days, and once a customer purchases a vehicle from HGregoire, he or she has up to seven days or 400 kilometers to request an exchange or a full refund.

HGregoire Automotive Group president John Hairabedian, saying that customer satisfaction is the company’s highest priority, noted that, “We felt an extension was the right thing to do to ensure the best possible customer experience.”

Whether the purchase is made in-store or online, the guarantee is available at HGregoire Group pre-owned car dealerships.

With the company’s online platform, a customer can purchase a vehicle entirely online. That customer can get delivery to his or her home and test drive it for seven days or 400 kilometers.

HGregoire noted how important a car purchase is in a customer’s life and stated that it had that in mind when it implemented a system of inspections, safety, quality and servicing.

The company stated it used a 150-point inspection, and because of that, only 20% of all cars received by the company on average make it to the real or virtual showroom.

That helps ensure customer satisfaction, HGregoire stated.

HGregoire is introducing the extended guarantee by launching a digital advertising campaign in both languages, as well as a social media contest. Additional information is available.