Canadian used-car prices in May were up an average of 0.5 percent from April, according to a report accompanying the latest ADESA Canada Used Vehicle Price Index, powered by ALG.

Within the individual segments, monthly price movement varied greatly — for instance, compact SUV prices were down 10 percent month-over-month, while midsize SUVs were up 2.1 percent.

The biggest increase was in the midsize car class, as its prices climbed 2.8 percent. Minivan prices also increased (up 0.5 percent).

Full-size pickup prices fell 3.6 percent and mid-compact cars were off 0.4 percent.

Manheim index results

Manheim Canada also released its monthly index on used-car prices, indicating it was down 1.7 points month-over-month but up 16.2 points year-over-year.

Notes accompanying the index indicate that luxury vehicles were up 2.3 points, while sports cars were down 20 points (the largest decline) and midsize cars were down 5.9 points (second-largest).