MARKHAM, Ontario -

Earlier this week, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. said it has teamed up with U.K.-based Reevoo, a user-generated content platform provider, to gather reviews from Hyundai drivers.

The ratings are set to be published on the forthcoming new consumer website from the car brand. This is Reevoo’s first deal in North America, having made long-term partnerships with most of the carmakers in Europe. Beyond automotive, Reevoo also works in various consumer goods sectors like financial services, retail and travel.

In a news release, Hyundai Auto Canada director of marketing Lawrence Hamilton pointed to the value of voicing the feedback of Hyundai customers.

“Not only do we get to plug-in to direct feedback from Canadian Hyundai drivers and learn from them, but we also get to share that feedback publicly with people who might be researching their next vehicle,” Hamilton said.

“In an era where shopping online for the vast majority of consumer goods involves customer reviews, it's time for this valuable content to migrate into the North American automotive industry,” he said.

The two companies have been gathering feedback from consumers since November, Hamilton said.

“After collecting over 2,200 reviews so far, Hyundai's vehicle range is scoring high amongst consumers, with no vehicle rated below an 8.5 out of 10. This is a testament to the amount of work our engineers invest to ensure the quality of Hyundai vehicles consistently meet incredibly high standards. It's one thing for Hyundai to say it has high-quality vehicles, Reevoo empowers customers to say the same thing, but on our behalf,” he said.

Reevoo chief executive officer Jonathan Callcut added: “Across all industries and locales, we're seeing a simple trend emerging — people are increasingly looking to the opinions of 'people like them' before they make important purchases. And there aren't many more important purchases than a new car.

“We're delighted to be working with Hyundai Auto Canada to give the megaphone to its customers, and looking forward to seeing other North American car makers joining this trend.”