SEOUL, South Korea -

Hyundai Capital Canada  had a reason to celebrate this week, announcing that it was named among Greater Toronto’s Top Employers for the second year in a row by The Globe and Mail.

Headquartered in Toronto, the company that provides lease and purchase financing services for Hyundai, Kia and Genesis brands throughout Canada claimed the accolade by demonstrating its capability to provide employee-friendly working environment in the pandemic era.

HCCA said it was recognized for its extensive employee benefits and support programs. Generous LifeCare allowance, education reimbursement and maternity and parental leave were cited as the best examples to ensure employees feel comfortable during these challenging times.

“We are so proud to be named one of the Greater Toronto’s Top Employers for two years in a row,” HCCA chief administrative officer David Daywalt said in a news release.

“During these challenging times, HCCA has been committed to providing employees with top-notch benefits that protect their health, provide financial security, and help them to develop their careers at the same time,” Daywalt continued.

The company was named one of top employers in the Greater Toronto area a year earlier for its inclusive corporate culture, whereby employees may “drive and thrive together.”

HCCA attributed the earlier honor as a result of the company’s efforts to create an ideal environment for employees to thrive in with a full-time manager of corporate culture supported by corporate culture committee. They act as a sounding board for management, help to organize activities such as annual holiday parties, happy hours, picnics and charitable events.

Employee clubs are also supported by the company and hugely popular, according to HCCA.

The company went on to mention that communications channels including regular town hall meetings keep HCCA employees updated on their performance as well as what’s happening at the parent automaker.

Through the annual Global Site Visit program, some of HCCA employees are given a chance to spend a week at corporate headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

“We want people to feel like they work for this huge multinational but at the same time are part of this small, intimate family at HCCA and get the benefits of both worlds,” Daywalt said.

HCCA added that the company also emphasizes a healthy work-life balance.

Employees receive an annual $2,000 LifeCare allowance they can allocate between a health spending account and a wellness account. They can use it in almost any way that promotes their health and well-being, including building a home gym, buying a gym membership or even paying for a ski vacation “to recharge their batteries.”

The company said it uses technology for this process as expense claims can be submitted on a mobile app and reimbursement is made in a week.

For education and retirement-related financial benefits for employees, the company said it offers tuition reimbursement, Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) matching programs and performance bonuses.

Amidst COVID-19, HCCA highlighted that it has prioritized employee engagement. From the initial stage of the pandemic, HCCA noted that it allowed flexible working arrangement and send the entire staff members home for safety.

During the lockdown period, the company also encouraged employees to share their photos and cheerful messages that were later made into a video clip titled, “Let’s Stay Connected.”

“Watching the clip, employees could feel connected with each other,” the company said.

Furthermore, HCCA assembled “care packages,” consisting of a reusable face mask, a touch-free door opener and a tote bag made from recycled cotton. They were delivered to the doorsteps of all employees.

And finally, HCCA mentioned that it has turned to virtual alternatives for meetings and events.