The top three most-appraised vehicles Canadian dealers saw last month were, you guessed it, trucks.

To be more specific, they were light-duty trucks, and you probably won’t be surprised which ones they are, because they’re the usual suspects: Ford F-150, GMC Sierra 1500 and Ram 1500.

That’s according to Dealertrack’s monthly Tradetracker report for the month of January. The top five weren’t all trucks, though; those three goliaths were followed up by the Toyota Corolla and the Dodge Grand Caravan, respectively, to round out the top five most-appraised vehicles, overall, by Canadian dealers last month.

Broken down by domestic and import dealer, the results of January’s Tradetracker report are more of the same. The domestic vehicle most appraised by domestic and import dealers? The F-150. The import vehicle most appraised by import dealers? The Corolla. And the import vehicle most appraised by domestic dealers is Mazda’s Mazda3.

From the other side, the vehicles most looked at by trade-in owners boils down to just two vehicles, regardless of dealer type: the F-150 (domestic) and the Toyota RAV4 (import).

The Tradetracker brand of the month for January, Honda, experienced a bit different vehicle interest last month. Canadian Honda dealers’ most-appraised vehicles last month were the Corolla, Hyundai Elantra and Grand Caravan, respectively. From the other end, the vehicles most looked at by trade-in shoppers at Honda store last month were the Honda CR-V and the Civic.