The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council announced Wednesday that it has brought curbsiding charges against a Toronto-area group who was also allegedly selling vehicles without disclosing previous accident damage.

The group – 2141212 Ontario Corporation, operating as Monterey Auto Repair – included Amilcar Luis Monte Rey Nunez, Anibal Salomon Monte Rey Rios, Sergio Ruben Monte Rey Nunez and Bianca Daniela Lopez.

“The alleged conduct is egregious,” said Terry O’Keefe, OMVIC’s director of communications. “One of the charges relates to the sale of a vehicle with undisclosed accident repairs of more than $13,000.”

According to OMVIC, one instance includes a purchaser who provided two different keys for her vehicle: one had been provided for the driver’s door and one for the ignition. Later discoveries revealed the vehicle had been in a collision and the driver’s door was taken from a different vehicle.

The group’s alleged curbsiding is in direct violation of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA) while the sale of a vehicle without disclosing prior damage is contrary to the country’s Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

All parties involved are scheduled to appear before the Toronto Court on March 23.