Canada’s Policaro Group has donated over $1 million to help children with heart conditions since 2018. The donation to the SickKids Foundation was made through the dealer group’s philanthropic arm, The Policaro Foundation.

This donation is the next step in a longstanding relationship with the charity, the dealership said in a press release. SickKids is the corporate branding of the Hospital for Sick Children, a pediatric research hospital based in Toronto.

The Policaro Foundation was established in 2018 to support the health and wellness of children.

“We are incredibly proud of the Policaro Foundation and the positive impact it has on children in need of care. SickKids has a very special and personal place in the hearts of the Policaro family and we are grateful for our customers, employees and communities who support our mission of building a brighter, healthier future for our children, one smile at a time,” said Aurora Policaro-Giannace, manager of corporate giving at Policaro Group, said in a news release.

The foundation is best known for its work and long-term involvement with SickKids. In 2018, the Policaro Fetal Cardiac Fellowship came to be to treat infants with heart conditions. This fellowship meets a need for the Labatt Family Heart Centre by expanding Canada’s primary fetal cardiac diagnosis and treatment center to be able to treat more patients.

Trainees gain experience at SickKids through the Policaro fellowship, and then go on to work in pediatric heart centers in Ontario and across the world.

Here’s an example of further involvement with SickKids. This past May, the Policaro Foundation ran its annual Policaro Foundation Track Experience in support of SickKids. The event garnered $236,787 for the charity, contributing a big chunk to the total of $1 million donated.