July residuals are showing trends similar to those seen this past spring: larger models continue to out-perform the car segments.

Auto Remarketing Canada took a look at value retention data for 4-year-old vehicles from Canadian Black Book, which showed truck segments holding on to their value better than their smaller counterparts — with one exception.

The premium sports car segment is seeing the best retention out of all the segments CBB tracks this month, holding 54.86 percent of its value in July.

Next up were the full-size luxury SUVs, which held onto 52.85 percent of their residual value.

Other strong performers among the truck segments were the full-size pickups (50.97 percent), compact luxury SUVs (49.83 percent), small pickups (49.75 percent), subcompact SUVs (49.33 percent) and midsize luxury SUVs (49.27 percent).

The truck segment seeing the lowest price retention in July is the full-size vans, which are keeping 43 percent of their value.

Moving on to highlight some of the car segments, the worst performer this month for both cars and overall are the full-size cars, which are seeing retention of 33.61 percent this month.

Next up were the luxury cars, which are retaining just 38.73 percent of their value.

On the other hand, the best performing car segment, other than the trend-bucking premium sports cars, are the compact cars, which are holding on to 42.22 percent of their value.