F&I forms: the biggest pain-point for many auto shoppers — as well as many dealership employees.

Reynolds and Reynolds is partnering with the Nova Scotia Automobile Dealers Association (NSADA) to develop new F&I forms in an effort to help dealers simplify and smooth F&I transactions.

As part of the partnership, Reynolds Document Services has worked up three new F&I documents, including a vehicle purchase agreement, a trade-in vehicle information statement and a used-vehicle disclosure statement.

The company and NSADA explained the new documents were designed in an effort to help new car and truck dealers in Nova Scotia more effectively handle F&I transactions as well as improve and protect their business operations.

"We're pleased to partner with the Nova Scotia Automobile Dealers Association to develop new F&I forms for dealers in the province," said Jerry Kirwan, senior vice president and general manager of Reynolds Document Services.

"It's one of our core strengths to develop business documents that help dealers improve their processes, better protect their interests, and deliver a smoother, more pleasing car-buying experience to their customers," Kirwan continued.

John Sutherland, executive vice president of the NSADA, said, "Dealers in Nova Scotia continue to make significant investments in their businesses. Those investments have a sizeable impact on the economy of our province and in Canada. We're pleased to work with Reynolds to offer these new documents to help dealers improve their F&I processes and protect their business investments."

Editors Note: Stay tuned to Auto Remarketing Canada for more information on these new documents and what it means for Novia Scotia dealers.