The Serpa Automotive Group has launched its new Serpa Automotive Boutique, which specializes in helping professionals find, purchase and arrange the delivery of hard-to-find luxury marques and rare models.

Shoppers can either visit the store or go online to have Serpa Automotive Boutique begin locating vehicles among various brands and dealers.

Serpa Automotive president Frank Serpa will act as the boutique's dealer principal, and vice president Stefano Serpa will serve as its general manager.

"We do the difficult work of vehicle research and shopping for our customers," said Stefano Serpa.

"Instead of the buyer visiting four different dealerships or brands, and dealing with numerous salespeople, we handle the contacts, obtaining the best purchase and often fastest delivery. They can also complete the process online, very efficiently."

Stefano Serpa joined Serpa Automotive in 2012 and later moved on to leading the sales effort at Serpa BMW in Newmarket, according to the company.

"My favorite part of the job is seeing the pure excitement from clients when they pick up their beautiful machines," Serpa added. "It feels good knowing I was a part of something memorable, and the Boutique will make many of those experiences even stronger."

The boutique is located at 15795 Yonge St. in Aurora.