LONDON, Ontario -

Loyalty marketing event company Shift Marketing Studio — which specializes in campaigns targeted to franchised dealers — announced it has expanded its portfolio with new marketing solutions.

The company said the enhanced version of its Upgrade Sale platform is available, as well as its new product, Community Countdown, a conquest marketing solution.

The new version of Upgrade Sale has been expanded to include more variable data and images, which the company says results in a more personalized customer experience.

Through the product, once a customer accesses the event registration using a unique promo code, the site will show the latest model of the shopper’s vehicle, in an effort to encourage an upgrade to the current year model.

The new product, Community Countdown, is a multi-channel conquest marketing product that works to combine digital and traditional marketing components, and aims to garner an increases number of impressions.

The company also pointed out that Community Countdown uses the same back-end functionality of the company’s other solutions, which makes it easier for customers to integrate the new offering into their sales process.

Community Countdown is a multi-channel conquest marketing product that marries digital marketing elements with traditional marketing components, resulting in an increased number of impressions. Furthermore, Community Countdown uses the same back end functionality of other Shift Marketing solutions, making it easy for customers to integrate this new offering into their sales process.

“Shift Marketing’s success can be attributed to our team of experts who have used their extensive experience and knowledge along with feedback from customers to create leading edge solutions for the automotive dealer franchise market,” stated David Briand, chief executive officer of Shift Marketing Studio. “As a customer focused company, these new loyalty marketing offerings combine our expertise with the valuable feedback we have received from our partner dealers.”

Scott Scobie, general manager of Airport Ford Lincoln, gave some insight into his experience with the Shift Marketing products.

“We’ve done a number of events with the team from Shift Marketing Studio. The Upgrade Sale has always generated a ton of great leads and has helped us sell more cars and trucks,” he said.  “We’re really excited about the new product offerings like the ‘Ford Employee Pricing’ Loyalty Event! We are most definitely looking forward to our next campaign.”

The next version of the Upgrade Sale and the Community Countdown solution are available now. More information, can be found here.