The Canadian online vehicle retailing space will have another participant by the end of the year.

And it’s inspired by one of the well-known operations from the United States.

Last week, TEDA International Auto Group — a multinational, specialty automotive group bringing years of experience to global automotive trading — announced the formation of its new online car brand, which will operate as CARLALA.

According to a news release, the new entity will launch in December as a “virtual destination that will provide hassle-free, fully online car sales.”

Drivers looking to own a new vehicle will be able to visit the CARLALA website for a special online experience with virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Customers can browse and buy vehicles no matter what country they reside. As a value-add service with its global network of shipping and logistics, CARLALA will offer buyers the option to have their vehicle delivered anywhere in the world.

The parent company of CARLALA, TEDA International Auto Group, is headquartered both in Toronto and Tianjin, China. The company said it has expertise in auto sales, retail leasing and financing.

TEDA International Auto Group chief executive officer and founder Joel Li explained that the company has its eyes on the future with CARLALA, which is embracing cutting-edge technology. Li said that people buying vehicles want an interesting, fun and intuitive experience to keep life interesting and exciting.

Li continued that artificial intelligence adds a fantastic dimension to the vehicle-buying process, giving people a streamlined and seamless experience.

“Our inspiration for founding CARLALA in Canada was the existence of Carvana, which has made its mark in the United States,” Li said in the news release. “The concept is extremely successful, and I know that this is a prime moment for Canada to have its own car-buying service.

“As a millennial with real experience in disruptive and alternative new ways of creative living, I believe that CARLALA will be the future of car ownership,” he continued. “Everyone wants options and great experiences. CARLALA provides both and makes the entire process professional and fun.”

“CARLALA has many more cutting-edge and first-class, advanced technologies than many other car-buying options. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the dynamics of searching for a car and has made it a more fast-paced buying experience,” Li went on to say. “Car buyers have changed their purchase paradigms from the old, traditional ‘browse, negotiate, transaction,’ in a dealership to buying cars hassle-free online.

“There are many more options and people can now take full advantage of global car shopping. Car buyers will no longer be limited to their local areas. They can buy anytime from anywhere in the world,” he added.

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