For the fifth consecutive year, the Ford-F-150 is the top-searched vehicle on

And according to 2019 data that recently released from its annual Top Searched Vehicles list, another truck moved into the list’s top 10 in 2019 – the Ram 1500. That vehicle climbed from spot No. 32 in 2018 to No. 7 in 2019.

“It's been five years since more than one pickup made the Top 10, indicating a renewed passion for larger utility vehicles among car shoppers,” associate editor Dustin Woods said in a news release.

To “capture the pulse of Canadian car buyers' interests,” automotive marketplace, says it mines and analyzes its site search data each year.

In addition to its top vehicle list, noted some other findings from its study. One of those trends: Spring is king.

The company said buying and selling is top of mind as Canadians seek to spruce up their vehicles for the new season. March and April were top months for search volume on in 2019.

Another finding is that classic car colors – black and white — were the most popular vehicle colors that Canadians sought. Those two made up more than half of all color queries, while grey, blue, red and silver were additional popular color choices.

And yet another trend from the study: Electric Vehicles are on the rise, with 2019 data showing a more than 50% increase in search volume for hybrid, electric vehicles and plug-in-hybrid vehicles compared to 2018. Nearly half of those searches were for hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius, which continued to lead the category.

But a top theme from the Top Searched Vehicles list was the preference for trucks, with noting that Canadians’ preference for large trucks challenged that of SUVs. The company said “the beloved Jeep Wrangler” fell off the list for the first time since 2014.

Pickup truck listings were up 21% from January to December 2019. SUV listings, on the other hand, showed a 5% decrease over the same period, according to

“The findings further indicate that the truck category is revving up with Canadians,” wrote.

The study also showed trends on a regional level, noting that the Honda Civic held its spot as the No. 1 top searched vehicle in Quebec for the third consecutive year. It placed No. 2 on the national list.

In Ontario, residents of that region are leaving luxury behind, according to The BMW 3-series was the only luxury vehicle to make the Top 10 list in Ontario.

And more good news for trucks on a regional level: The Ford F-150, Ram 1500 and Toyota Tacoma all made the Top 10 list in the Maritimes region.

2019 top searched vehicles in Canada:

— Ford F-150

— Honda Civic

— Honda CR-V

— BMW 3 Series

— Ford Mustang

— Chevrolet Corvette

— Ram 1500

— Toyota Corolla

— Toyota RAV4

— Porsche 911