In the showroom, car brands only have about 20 seconds to influence a car shopper's opinion, according to eye tracking provider Tobii Pro Insight, which partnered with Dx3 Canada and Toyota Canada to closely analyze consumer's typical showroom experience.

As if they were shopping for a new vehicle, 92 study participants were given Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and told to walk around Toyota's interactive automotive showroom at the Dx3 conference.

The showroom featured a Corolla, RAV4, a variety of promotional materials, digital displays and Toyota brand ambassadors.

Participants were divided into two groups: millennials and older shoppers.

The Tobii Pro glasses recorded what the consumers paid attention to, for how long they focused on something and what they ignored, whether that was the vehicle's exterior, under the hood, or a piece of promotional material.

The study found that while older shoppers took more interest in viewing the textual elements of the displays, millennial shoppers’ eyes tended to gravitate toward the interactive displays.

Digital screens and interactive displays captured nearly 50 percent of all attention to showroom promotional elements, according to Dx3 Canada.

Additionally, overall, participants viewed the insides of the showroom vehicles most carefully.

The consoles, gear shift and instrumentation accounted for close to 70 percent of consumer attention.

When walking around outside of the vehicle, consumer's eyes were found to center on the each vehicles' side body lines and aesthetic features.