Toyota took home six vehicle category wins, the most of any brand, and won top mainstream brand honors in ALG’s 2020 Canadian Residual Value Awards announced this week.

Porsche was the overall winner on the premium side.

The Residual Value Awards are awarded to the mainstream brand vehicles expected to retain the highest percentage of MSRP after four years as well as the luxury brand vehicles forecasted to retain the highest percentage of MSRP after three.

Eligible vehicles were 2020 models on sale in Canada.

Twenty-seven segment winners and two overall winners were recognized by ALG, which handed out the awards leading into the Montreal Auto Show.

“Residual values are important to both automotive brands and consumers alike,” ALG senior manager of industry solutions Michelle MacDonald said in a news release.

“For automotive brands, a strong residual value is a barometer of a brand’s overall health and appeal in the marketplace,” MacDonald said. “For consumers, since a vehicle’s depreciation is the single costliest aspect of car ownership, a strong residual value is an indicator of how well that vehicle will hold its value for future resale consideration.”

Toyota earned top honors in the compact utility, full-size pickup, full-size utility, midsize pickup, midsize utility third-row seating and off-read utility segments.

What’s more, its luxury counterpart Lexus earned top honors in a new category announced this year, the premium subcompact utility. The Lexus UX won that award.

Below is the complete list of winners:

RVA Overall 
Mainstream: Toyota
Premium: Porsche

RVA Segment
Mainstream Cars
Electric Car: Audi E-Tron
Subcompact Car: Honda Fit
Compact Car: Subaru Impreza
Midsize Car: Honda Accord
Fullsize Car: Nissan Maxima
Sportscar Car: Subaru WRX

Mainstream Utility
Subcompact Utility: Subaru Crosstrek
Compact Utility: Toyota RAV4
Midsize Utility 2nd Row Seating: Honda Passport
Midsize Utility 3rd Row Seating: Toyota Highlander
Fullsize Utility: Toyota Sequoia
Off-Road Utility: Toyota 4Runner

Fullsize Pickup: Toyota Tundra
Midsize Pickup: Toyota Tacoma

Premium Cars
Premium Compact Car: Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Premium Midsize Car: Audi A5
Premium Fullsize Car: Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class
Premium Executive Car: Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Premium Sportscar Car: Porsche 911

Premium Utility
Premium Sub Compact Utility: Lexus UX
Premium Compact Utility:Porsche Macan
Premium Midsize Utility 2nd Row Seating: Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Premium Midsize Utility 3rd Row Seating: Land Rover Discovery
Premium Fullsize Utility: BMW X7 Series

Minivan: Honda Odyssey
Midsize Commercial: Mercedes-Benz Metris
Fullsize Commercial: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter