Wholesale vehicle prices in Canada continued to fall last week, but the drastic declines of the week prior evened out a bit.

According to Canadian Black Book data, wholesale prices fell by 0.96% overall. Cars fell by just 0.46%, while trucks and SUVs dropped by 1.46%.

Two segments out of the 22 CBB tracks saw increases — the full-size crossover/SUVs (up 81%) and the full-size car segment (up 0.02%) — compared to zero segments the prior week.

The biggest depreciation was seen in two of the larger segments: full-size luxury crossover/SUVs, down 2.95%, and compact crossover/SUVs, down 2.56%.

For cars, the full-size segment was the only segment to see a slight rise in price. Compact cars fell the most with a 0.97% decline, followed by subcompact cars (down 90%) and midsize cars (down 0.68%).

Trucks and SUVs saw steeper declines, but one segment did see an increase (full-size crossover/SUVs, up 0.81%).

Although less than the drops seen the week prior, last week’s depreciation was still higher than the historical average, CBB reported.

“Supply is building with decreasing demand for vehicles at auction on both sides of the border,” the weekly report said. “Upstream channels continue to tap supply before it can be available to wholesale markets.”

Most conversion rates were less than 25% last week.

“Last week we saw less sellers dropping floors, which has been contributing to lanes with lower sell rates,” CBB said.

In the U.S., depreciation was a bit higher last week in the lanes. Overall, wholesale vehicles dropped by an average of 1.49% last week. The prior week saw a drop of 1.86%.

On the lots, prices for used vehicles were down slightly week-over-week. The 14-day moving average sits at roughly $37,875.