Auto Remarketing Canada  is recognizing the 2022 Women & Automotive: Profiles honorees in the current issue of the magazine and at Canada's Used Car Week this month at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto.

In the weeks leading up to the June 27-29 event, ARC will be posting Q&As with each of the Women & Automotive honorees on this website.

Next up is Ellie Damneh, who is director of customer loyalty at TRADER Corporate (AutoTRADER).

Auto Remarketing Canada: What do you enjoy most about working in automotive, and what would you change?

Ellie Damneh: The learning opportunity that this versatile industry offers has ensured that no two days are alike. I thoroughly appreciate the exposure I got to the various fields within the automotive industry, from sales to service and now media and advertisement.

There are very few fi elds in my opinion where you have the opportunity to wear many hats at the same time and grow so much as an individual in a relatively short period. The skills you develop in the automotive industry will put you on the path to success and benefit you in many aspects of your life. As challenging as this industry could be at times, it has certainly been very dynamic, eyeopening and dare I say, fun. I would love to see more women in the industry with their own unique skill sets which will inevitably make this a better place for employees and consumers.

ARC: What piece of career advice would you have for someone new to the industry?

Damneh: The learning curve in this industry is substantial. The industry presents tremendous growth opportunities both personally and financially but requires resilience, creativity and adaptability. Th e automotive industry is an ever-changing one and getting ahead of, or at the least keeping pace with the changes, is critical for your success.

ARC: What is your proudest moment/accomplishment, career-wise?

Damneh: A few years ago, I walked into an industry that I had no clue about, and I am honestly proud of what I was able to accomplish in such a short period of time. Every year brought about a new challenge that I enjoyed accepting and with every career advancement came with tremendous personal growth that I am grateful for. One of my proudest accomplishments with AutoTRADER is being promoted from a Regional Sales Manager to the Director of Customer Loyalty in under two years, which has also been refl ective of my experience and career growth with the industry overall.

ARC: What has been the top key to your success in retail automotive?

Damneh: I believe I focused on the emerging trends that impacted the industry and aligned my training and workflow to get ahead of the impact. In addition to not letting the negativity of the “automotive sales” stigma cloud my goals which in turn allowed me to focus on the successes and wins that I am able to achieve.