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At the close of 2017, Dealertrack Canada saw significant annual price gains for used vehicles in its network. The Average Cash Price of the Top 10 Funded Used Vehicles in its online credit application network rose by 5.23 percent compared to 2016, according to the company. Like in November, nine of the 10 top... Read More

Auto Remarketing Canada Staff

Mercedes-Benz Canada announced Wednesday that this year each of its 11 corporate stores will now report to the newly appointed vice president of corporate retail — Robert Muller. Previously, the company’s seven Toronto Retail Group (TRG) and four Vancouver Retail Group (VRG) locations were... Read More

Wholesale car price behavior in last month of 2017

Joe Overby, Senior Editor

Canadian Black Book’s second-ever release of its Used Vehicle Retention Index points to a wholesale car market that closed the year with quite a punch. Wholesale vehicle values were up 3.8 percent year-over-year in December, keeping alive the used-car price gains from 2010, CBB said. Meanwhile, the 0.6... Read More

Anthony Harrison , Auto Remarketing Canada

Kathy Ward, former president and chief executive officer of Canadian Black Book, passed away on Christmas Eve. She was 60 and had been battling cancer. She had retired in September of 2016, and Brad Rome replaced her as president. “Kathy was a true industry icon and pioneering example of female success in... Read More

Sarah Rubenoff, Correspondent

Connecting dealer and consumer. Facilitating the relationship. That’s what CarSquid is all about, says its chief operating officer Nicole Whittle. CarSquid, the COO told Auto Remarketing Canada, is an online wholesale auction app aimed at consumers. The app aims to provide consumers with “insider... Read More

Auto Remarketing Canada Staff

While pinpointing six potential benefits, NextGear Capital on Thursday launched a multi-channel funding portal to offer customers its custom point-of-sale inventory financing solutions. Cox Automotive Canada’s financial services brand highlighted this portal will be available through NextGear Capital’s... Read More

Prices for Dealertrack's top-funded cars see boost

Auto Remarketing Canada Staff

Last month, Dealertrack Canada saw prices for used-vehicles in its network rise significantly. The average cash price of the Top 10 Funded Used Vehicles in its online credit application network experienced an annual increase of 4.84 percent last month, the company said. Nine out of the 10 top vehicles experienced... Read More

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AutoCanada announced two agreements last week that will result in the company having direct ownership and control of five General Motors Canada dealerships, with CanadaOne Auto Group having the same in four others. Here’s how that shakes out. AutoCanada executed a Public Company Master Agreement with GM Canada.... Read More