Advent Resources and RouteOne announced a collaboration this week with the goal being to centralize and digitize car deals, drastically reducing inefficiencies in the traditional process.

The companies are looking to enhance the e-contracting process, reduce per-deal personnel costs, and ultimately, transact with consumers wherever and however they choose.

By giving RouteOne’s network of finance companies access to the Advent Advantage Sales System, officials said the combination gives dealership customers a single digital signing ceremony.

“Our alliance with RouteOne represents a significant milestone in our relentless obsession to transform how our partners sell to car buyers,” Advent Resources CEO Ben Gill said in a news release. “Our industry’s future relies on the ability to slash transaction times, digitize car deals, reduce per-deal personnel costs, and ultimately, transact with consumers wherever and however they choose.”

Gill continued, “None of this would be possible without a terrific, progressive partner like RouteOne. They share our goal and vision of elevating the customer experience and dealer profitability.”

Other potential benefits of the collaboration include:

—Auto submission and decisioning: Dealers will no longer need to log into RouteOne for credit-related tasks, eliminating the need to toggle between systems. This feature can ensure that they can directly submit to one or more finance companies, receiving full credit decisions, including stipulations, all within the Advent Advantage Sales System.

—Contract validation: Before producing all sales documents, Advent and RouteOne can confirm all contract parameters within Advent Advantage. This move can ensure the deal aligns with the credit decision and is pre-approved by the finance company. All contract validations are stored within Advent Advantage, which means no redundant data entry or out-of-sync systems.

—Single signing ceremony: The contract, and all subsequent deal documents, are now signed through Advent Advantage eSign, eliminating the need for dealers to sign documents in their DMS systems and then separately sign contracts in RouteOne. This process builds on Advent’s recent introduction of Smart Forms, whereby all relevant and required documents for each car deal are automatically generated, allowing for a seamless, consolidated signing process.

—Real-time electronic funding: Retail and lease contracts are delivered into the finance company’s vault and all funding documents are securely distributed to the finance company. Deals are funded electronically and in real-time. This can greatly reduce dealer effort and dramatically shortens contracts-in-transit times.

“RouteOne is pleased to build on our long and successful history with Advent Resources by creating an industry-leading integration with Advent Advantage,”, of RouteOne CEO Justin Oesterle said. “Advent has consistently been a great partner and innovator with automotive sales technology. This integrated partnership enables a fully digitized auto finance process that benefits consumers, dealers, and lenders alike.”

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