Auto Link continues to build on its strategic partnership with Auto Financial Group (AFG).

According to a news release distributed on Wednesday, AFG clients can now leverage Auto Link’s widget technology to provide a payment comparison calculator on any page of their website without the need of website coding.

Serving more than 225 financial institutions Auto Link’s vehicle research marketplace can allow clients of any size to provide shopper all of the vehicle research, buying and financing tools directly on the client’s website, thus controlling the user experience.

The integration with AFG additionally can provide side-by-side payment comparisons between a conventional installment contract and AFG’s walk-away, lower payment balloon loan on all qualified vehicles as members shop.

The widget technology will be made available to all AFG clients with the new borrower facing calculator, fully embedded on the financial institution’s website, further showcasing the financial institution’s lower payment competitive advantage through the walk-away balloon program.

The companies also said mutual Auto Link/AFG clients will receive enhanced features, bringing the vehicle search into the user experience and presenting inventory to members as they get their quote.

Auto Link and AFG explained retargeting messaging can ensure members return to continue the search and provide financial institutions early insight into the car buying plans of their borrowers.

With the new fully embedded solution, financial institutions can control the experience with applicants never leaving their website, putting the information front and center.

“Auto Financial Group is always looking to simplify and streamline the vehicle financing experience for our customers. Partnering with Auto Link allows AFG to provide enhanced features to our customers and a better experience for their borrowers,” AFG CEO Richard Epley said in the news release.

Furthermore, the companies said an intuitive user interface can guide applicants to a quote, providing early education on the availability of a lower payment option.

“Auto Link developed our innovative widget technology to help financial institutions break through the noise and provide a better experience for consumers,” Auto Link CEO Ed Bourgeois said.

“We’re excited to partner with AFG to help credit unions showcase their competitive advantage and educate credit union members on the availability of a lower payment option for auto loans,” Bourgeois went on to say.