Automotive Titling Corp. (ATC) recently revamped its finance-office tool to help facilitate digital retailing.

The provider of title and registration information for all 50 states (including the District of Columbia) and every taxing jurisdiction in the U.S. announced the release of version 4.0 of its fee and tax API.

The company highlighted version 4.0 of the ATC fee and tax API was developed with feedback received from ATC’s customers in the finance company, digital retailer, and desking solutions. The new API can give ATC customers the ability to calculate tax rates, taxable value calculations, local flat taxes, and registration fees that mirror DMV receipts for automotive purchases and leases in any state, county, and city across the U.S.

ATC insisted all of those tasks can be accomplished in one API that can integrate into many automotive technology platforms.

The company noted other enhancements to ATC’s API include:

— More than 50 intake variables to return the most accurate tax and registration fees possible. For example: motorcycle CCs, MPG, registration length, and RV-specific elements, among others.

—One second response time to obtain tax and fee info for any jurisdiction

— Registration fee terms mirror DMV language as fees are now broken out to align with DMV receipts by jurisdiction

“In the last decade, the automotive industry has made great strides to improve the customer experience by using technology,” ATC vice president of strategic alliances Marcus Alley said in a news release. “Many steps of the car buying process have moved online to create an easier buying experience, but the complexity of tax and registration fee calculations has been a challenge.

ATC’s fee and tax API v4.0 provides more transparency and granularity to car buyers by making ATCs technology customers more equipped to confidently quote these numbers more than ever before,” Alley continued. “It’s another example of our relentless drive to provide world-class automotive technology insights to the marketplace.”

For more information about ATC and version 4.0 of the Fee and Tax API, visit www.atc-api.com.